9 Reasons why Mozilla Firefox is better than Internet Explorer

Firefox MozillaFirefox, one of the largest used browsers by webmasters and normal users worldwide, is the favorite browsers for most of the internet users due to a lot of reasons, the reason might vary depending on the user, as it has some advantages for normal users and some other for webmasters. I love using mozilla firefox, and never use Internet explorer, except for testing the design adjustments of any website that i work on.

Here are a few reasons why i love using Firefox over Internet Explorer are the following –

1. Themes – There are 2 default and various other themes available for firefox, making it look better always with our choice of colors and design. Internet explorer shows just the standard theme that actually is a lot boring one.

2. Bookmark window options – When i bookmark a website, the bookmark window shows some small information about the website that is bookmarked in Firefox, and also there is a keyword search option within the bookmarks when we have a huge list of websites bookmarked, making our search for bookmark easier. Internet explorer probably doesn”t know what Bookmark is? There is a favorites option that has no special features in it.

3. Volume of deletion of cookies – Both the browsers Internet explorer and firefox have the option of deletion of cookies, but the biggest difference in the volume of deletion. Former has the option of deletion of all the cookies together, thus we are left with no choice of retaining some of them, but the latter has a good option of deleting the cookies individually and thus we can save the one”s that we need, and delete which we want to.

4. Features of downloading – There is a download manager with Firefox, which lets us know how much download is on progress and how much is left. And it always downloads files at a specific location without always asking the user for the download location. And main good factor is that an ongoing download can be paused in firefox. But in Internet explorer, we always have to select for a location for download, and download cannot be paused if once started.

5. Script running errors – While opening a big flash or large script running site, firefox casino pa natet asks for conformation whether the script can be continued to run or should it be stopped. On the other hand, internet explorer just crashes and shuts down if the script can”t be handled and run by it.

6. Managing your passwords – Dedicated password manager for saving, editing and deleting passwords for your website logins are available in firefox, but the same can not be done in internet explorer, as no special password saving systems are there in it.

7. Usage of multiple versions of browser – This is for the webmasters especially who are always building websites etc. As the whole world does not use the same version of browser at once, so the websites gave to be tested in various versions of the same browser. Having more than 1 browser version in firefox used together is available in firefox but if we are using internet explorer, only one version can be used at once. Not that useful for webmasters.

8. Image format support for favicons – Favicons in internet explorer can not be of any image format, and can not be animated too. IE supports just BMP and ICO formats of images for favicons, but firefox supports almost 7-8 types of formats of images including GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO and others. Animated images are also supported by firefox to use as favicons.

9. Opening multiple bookmarks at once – Many bookmarks can be opened at once in different tabs in firefox, but this is not at all available in internet explorer as it doesn”t have any good option of bookmarking at least.

I was just wondering are there any webmasters who are using Internet explorer? I hope most are not 🙂


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