This blog was created on Christmas i.e. 25th. of December 2007. Owned by Chetan Bhawani, a Dentist, and a Tech blogger.

This is all about me:

Ok.. Hi to all the viewers here. I am Chetan Bhawani, a Dentist graduated from Meghna Institute of Dental Sciences, Nizamabad in India. πŸ™‚

This complete post might take a few valuable minutes for you to read, but if are eager and interested in learning more about me.. then here it is.
I always used to see what my brother Amit Bhawani did on the Internet, and just knew for a few months that he earns on the net. Never knew how he does it. I thought it is really a hard task to earn, but learned that the Internet is a good hangout place, where we can chat with people through messengers, mail etc.
Anyways, my eagerness to learn about earning on the net was always high, so I always used to ask my brother many doubts regarding that. Following him, I joined the first discussion place for me, the digital point forums on May 8th, 2006. Then with his guidance, IΒ made my first site on health tips on 24th June 2006. πŸ™‚

Started making online friends who had knowledge in making money and who are basically good webmasters. I could make into some good level in the forums by then, and started interacting with more and more people on other forums such as v7n forums and many others, a quick search of my user ID in google will show where I have spread around.

Generating income for me then became easier and I actually became well experienced to things that I used to guide the newbies how to make cash by some small tips. I then entered the world of Web directories, and presently own about 10-12 web directories which are listed in my directory network, and as I already said am a dental student.Β I thought to make some good informative sites on dentistry.. my main blog is actually related to it. πŸ˜€

I am not a full-time internet user or earner, or a full-time problogger.. because my hectic schedule of education doesn’t permit to. But still I hope I would never leave the Internet world till am forced to :p
I currently own an SEO Company which is online since a good time and was previously maintained a good webmaster Heeren Tanna. It has 5-8 employees working on the SEO services which I provide. And have a well-maintained web directory with a couple editors for it. πŸ™‚
Hope I covered what all I had in my mind about myself.. but ya this was just like what I do on the web.

Now, going offline. I am a dental student and a very happy person, making jokes always and try to spend most of the time with friends. That’s why when am at home, I am online to chat with friends online at least to pass my time. πŸ˜€

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