How to Access Unsupported POP3 Email Accounts in Windows 8 [Safer Way]

POP3 EmailWindows 8 is the most popular operating system of this time. This is the latest OS by Microsoft, and it has been used in most of the modern devices. Especially modern laptop and computer devices run on Windows 8 OS. It has been packed with lots of amazing apps and features. But the mail app that has been installed in Windows 8 doesn’t support any email account that uses POP or POP3. Sometimes it causes trouble to many users, but you can access POP3 email accounts in your Windows 8 devices through some simple steps. The steps are given here with an introduction to POP email accounts.

What is POP Email Accounts

The full form of the term POP is Post Office Protocol. Some email accounts use the POP3 option, if you select this option while creating your email account, your mail app will show that it doesn’t support POP. POP3 email accounts feature some extra options like live-tile email, smart interface and notifications. That’s why some prefer POP3 email accounts.

Change the Protocol

When Windows 8 finds any POP email account, it shows the message given above. If you want to stay with your current email account, you can ask your email provider to change the protocol system of your account. For example, you can ask them to use IMAP (which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol) or EAS (which stands for Exchange Active Sync). Or you can use or Gmail accounts to access POP3 email accounts on your Windows 8 device. The mail app supports both and Gmail, and you can store anything from the POP3 server in these two email accounts.

How to Add POP3 on

At first, you have create an account at, it will be better if you already have an account there. Now click on the settings option, you will find a link named “Sending/receiving email from other accounts”, click on this link. Then click on “Add an email account” link, and manually add the POP3 email account. You have to give some information like the user name, password, POP3 server address and IP address, it will be added then.

How to Add POP3 on Gmail

Add POP3 Email Account

The process is almost similar to the previous process. After going to the settings option, you have to select the “Accounts and Import” link. Then you will find an option “ Add a POP3 mail account you own”, select it. Now it is the same process, add all the information manually and your POP3 mail account will be added to the Gmail account.

Add Your Account to Mail App

This is the final step, you have to ad your or Gmail account on the mail app. Hit the Windows Key+I and it will open the account option. Select “Add an Account” from there. Then add your new email account, whether it is or Gmail account, enter the user name and the password.

Now you can see the mails from your POP3 accounts on the mail app.

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