Add Windows 7 Aero Snap Effects in Mac OS X Dock

MAC LOGOIf you can’t stop admiring the Windows 7 Aero snap effect and want the same Aero snap effect even on your Mac OS X Dock then let’s proceed an see how you can get the same. Since there are not many additions which come box packed with Mac when we talk of customizations but this draggable Dock feature in the Mac OS X will be loved by all.

The main advantage of the Aero Peek is that if you are juggling three PowerPoint presentations then it completely messes out without Aero peek view. If you move your cursor down to the PowerPoint icon which is present in the task bar and three medium sized thumbnail icons pop up, each showing the current window contents of the three PowerPoint windows that you have open. This visual look makes task switching more efficient as the Dock makes the work and looks simple as shown below. It may sound very small for some, but it’s quite a neat and also saves quite a time in switching between several windows.

Mac Dock

If we look at the feature sets of the Hyper dock then, the Hyper Dock extends Dock clicks to support other mouse buttons and key combination. Like this hyper dock allows a middle click with which you can open a new tab in Safari, Play/Pause in iTunes. As it implements the Windows 7 Aero snap view with which you can drag the window to the top edge of the screen to maximize the same. This feature helps the applications like iTunes and iCal with which you can get a special preview of the thumbnails which are shown, respectively, cover art and also a summary of today’s appointments are shown in the dock. With other variety of options you can modify the dock to resize windows or force a drag operation with the help of dock.

Hyper Dock is a free to use application and is currently in beta and when it actually gets released it is promised to be low cost dock app. Do leave a comment on if you have tried this Hyper Dock application.

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