20 Amazing Gmail Labs features you should try out!

Gmail labs is a place where people and gmail team looks for the best ideas to get more innovative for the gmail interface and they implement those ideas into live features that people can try and use with their gmail accounts. Here are the 25 amazing Gmail labs features which one can try out to make your gmail inbox better –

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  1. Inserting images – One of the features that was there in Yahoo! mail for long, but not in Gmail. This labs feature allows you to insert images into a message body. You can upload and insert image files in your computer, or insert images by URLs.
  2. Search Autocomplete – The same search for Google.com search engine where while you typing some search term, would get suggestions for search. As its a mail box, the search would result in keywords along with email addresses which you can select to autocomplete the search box in Gmail.
  3. Create a Document – This Gmail labs feature helps you create documents from the gmail conversation that you are viewing. You can also create new blank documents, by using your mouse or also can set keyboard shortcuts for the same.
  4. Multiple Inboxes – The feature in Gmail labs, named Multiple Inboxes is an excellent one for those who are into usage of labels, or starring the important mails and do want to have the inbox sectioned according to those labels etc.
  5. Mail Goggles – This is a new feature from the Gmail team for those who send a mail and regret later that they wish they didn’t send that. It’s called Mail Goggles. The service actually is like a type of verification in type of puzzles within limited time, which you have to solve and then the email would be sent. If you fail at solving that, the mail is sent to drafts.

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  6. Hide Unread Counts – For some people, its annoying to always see the count in the inbox, labels etc. Because if they have hundreds of unread mails, it stresses them out just thinking when they would catch up with it. This feature hides the count of unread mails in inbox, or for any labels set.
  7. Custom date formats – The time and date are usually set according to the language of your mail box, but this feature can add options to the settings page where you can set the time according to your wish, and the format can be either 12-hour or 24-hour one. And some people prefer to have the Date first, before the Month. They can change that too.
  8. Custom keyboard shortcuts – For people who use the keyboard more than mouse, and who prefer to browse gmail with the help of keyboard, you can customize the keyboard shortcuts by enabling this gmail labs feature and changing the shortcut keys in the settings page.
  9. Offline Gmail – Make Gmail go where the Internet doesn’t. Access your inbox through your browser and use Gmail’s familiar features when you’re offline. To get started, enable this lab and then click on the “Offline” link in the upper-right of your inbox.
  10. YouTube previews in mail – You just don’t need to go to the youtube site to view the video whose link you got in the mail. This labs feature can help you preview the youtube video right from the mail box, without making you leave your mailbox.
  11. Vacation Time! – Its not always that you can be online and check the mails and respond to them. There are autoresponders which you use to auto reply people when you are on a vacation. With this feature, you can set the time when to have the autoresponder feature on.
  12. Filter import/export – Export your mail filters as a file: back them up, share them, or save them before deleting so you can restore them later. Import one of these files to quickly add or restore filters. These options become available under Settings/Filters when you enable this Lab.
  13. gmail send undoUndo Send – Forgot something in the mail and already hit the send button? Or you were not going to send at that particular time? Gmail holds every mail for a few seconds with this feature enabled, so that you can undo the sending of mail within those few seconds.
  14. Picasa previews in mail – Shows photos previews whenever you receive a Picasa link in an email. You can preview each picture if the URL is shared separately, and this can be viewed from within the gmail box.
  15. Flickr previews in mail – Similar to the above Picasa previews feature, this feature shows the previews of the photos whose links were sent to your in the email.
  16. Location in Signature – Helps in adding your location in the signature which has to be enabled through the settings. And installing Gears can give a more accurate location of yours in the gmail signature.
  17. Quote selected text – When you reply to a mail, sometimes you need to quote to a particular part of the message to give an appropriate reply to that part of the mail. You can do that by quoting the selected text by either mouse or keyboard, when you have this labs feature enabled.
  18. Old Snakey – A fun feature for people who wants to play Snake game in the gmail inbox. When it is enabled, hit the “&” key and the game would start in the same window of your inbox.
  19. Google Calendar gadget – This feature can help you have the Google calender gadget in the left side panel below the chat box, and you can easily keep track of all the ongoing meetings, events etc. right from your inbox.
  20. Tasks – Tasks adds a to-do list to Gmail. After adding the lab, click the Tasks link above the chat box on the left-hand-side of the page. Your task list will appear on the right – click anywhere in the list and start typing to add a task. This feature also helps you add a new task from your email.

These 20 Gmail labs features can be a lot for you to become a better and powerful gmail user, and makes your emailing better and easier, customizing your mail box. Which are your favorite labs features? And which other ones you suggest?

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