List of Antivirus programs for Windows 7

windows 7Windows 7 release date is October 22nd, 2009 and still with the testing versions, many people are trying to explore every part of Windows 7 OS which is claimed to be the best release of Windows OS from Microsoft. Although everything seems to be good with the OS, security and virus protection is not possible in any OS without the help of antivirus programs.

Earlier i had shared a list of antivirus softwares for Windows 7, but that was when Microsoft did not get many partners for protection against viruses. Right now, here is a list of the best antivirus programs for Windows 7 and their download information –

Trend Micro Internet Security for Windows 7 Beta – Trend Micro Internet Security provides smart protection for your home network without slowing down your PC. [Download Link]

norton antivirusNorton antivirus for Windows 7 – Norton antivirus is one of the best and highly secure program and has already built a good version of antivirus for Windows 7. Lately it has released new builds of the beta software were released, and existing beta users should upgrade. For the new users, you can directly download the newest builds from the website. Its not a very heavy program like the standard antivirus program of Norton for Windows XP and Vista. [Download from here]

avg logoAVG antivirus for Windows 7 – Its already available and you can choose between the free trial or the premium version if you have already fixed to go with Windows 7 for always. AVG antivirus features virus, spyware protection, anti rootkit, safer downloads and many more features. It is also one of the most trusted antivirus programs for Windows, and for time being till the final Windows 7 OS is released, you can give a try with the trial version. [Download Link]

Kaspersky – It has released the Technical Preview for Microsoft Windows 7 (exe) which is not fully the final version, but still you can try it out and it works well for protection from virus and spyware. The technical preview is a complex solution for securing computers running under Windows 7. The prototype includes not only an antivirus component but an effective and fully functional firewall and anti-spam filter. [Download Link]

panda securityPanda Antivirus Pro 2009 compatible with Windows 7 – The compatible version of antivirus which is already there for XP, and vista and now for Windows 7 works well for protection against virus, spyware and hackers. [Download Link]

F-Secure Internet Security – This is a single version of antivirus which can work with the XP, vista and the Windows 7 beta version and many new features are added in, after the compatibility with Windows 7 is seen in it. [Download Link]

BullGuard Internet Security for Microsoft Windows 7 – This is an internet security and antivirus program that is built for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 beta. [Download Link for 32-bit and Download Link for 64-bit]

It is better if you use any good single antivirus program that you trust than multiple ones, which can eat up your memory.


  1. I was using the Kaspersky WKS for Win 7, but for the last month I have been using KIS 2010. It doesnt officially support win7, but its working great. Havent faced any problem.

  2. Emmanuel Tsioptsias says:

    I am using Panda 2009 Pro(8.00 Beta)for the last month.Though it seems it’s working fine,i get a message from Windows Action Center which warns me that Panda is not working properly.

  3. I’ve had issues with Norton and Panda. AVG works great for me. I used ir free for a year and then bought the hold pakage. It has work great since my XP, Vista and Now Windows 7 (3 months) I fully recommended.

  4. Norton was one of my favorite antivirus programs but it is too heavy when we are talking about netbooks. The netbooks already come with a low specification features and there the Norton used to eat more than 50% of memory.
    So Avast and AVG are the choices.

  5. Top Antivirus Software says:

    Microsoft Security essentials is the best free antivirus, software available real time security with super-fast scans you can’t beat it Microsoft Rocks. software security online security is a must for today computers without any antivirus software your computer system is already compromised. online virus scan, keep the hackers out of you system with top of the range antivirus software for your system.

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