Apple – 30 Years of Mac since the Original Macintosh – List of Macs Launched from 1984

It was January 24, 1984 when Apple had introduced Macintosh, which promised to take the technology ahead with creativity, and since then, there has never been a downfall in the number of innovators and in the number of innovations. 30 years later, today, Apple is still one of the best companies with innovative brains, and still produces the best computers.

Apple Mac

In 1984, when Apple introduced Macintosh, it wasn’t just a simple computer but it was a message that the technology belongs to everyone in the world. Steve Jobs, the head of all this, said –

“We’re just in the beginning stages of what will be a truly remarkable breakthrough for most people — as remarkable as the telephone.”

The Macintosh team included George Crow, Joanna Hoffman, Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson, Jerry Mannock.

Just in a year from there, on January 1st 1985, the Macintosh XL was introduced – with the 1MB of RAM, a 400K disk drive, and a beautiful (for the time) 12-inch monochrome display. Imagine, these days even 8GB of RAM is just something normal but at that time, things were so much in the beginning that every small number looked like the biggest. The Macintosh XL was mostly used for education / teaching than for the other purposes.

Apple Mac Journey – From 1984 to 2014

Apple Mac 30 YearsTo list it out, here are the computers from Apple in all these 30 years:
1984 – Macintosh
1985 – Macintosh XL
1986 – Macintosh Plus
1987 – Macintosh II
1988 – Macintosh IIx
1989 – Macintosh Portable
1990 – Macintosh LC
1991 – PowerBook
1992 – Macintosh Quadra 950
1993 – Macintosh TV
1994 – PowerBook 540c
1995 – Power Macintosh 8500
1996 – PowerBook 1400
1997 – Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
1998 – iMac
1999 – Power Mac G4
2000 – iBook
2001 – PowerBook G4
2002 – iMac with LCD
2003 – Power Mac G5
2004 – iBook G4
2005 – iMac G5
2006 – Macbook Pro
2007 – iMac
2008 – Macbook Air
2009 – iMac
2010 – Macbook Air
2011 – Macbook Pro with Thunderbolt
2012 – Macbook Pro with Retina Display
2013 – iMac
2014 – Mac Pro

In these thirty years, loads of things changed – Windows OS was released at around the same time and as is the case with Android OS right now for mobiles, Windows is used in several computers and laptops manufactured by different brands, but Apple has managed to hold the authority and sell the Macbooks with a good market share and why not? they are as always innovative, hard working and delivering the best out there. Happy Birthday, Macintosh.

Steve Jobs was always a man with special thoughts, and he’s one of those behind the innovations from Apple. He will always be remembered as a part of what Apple has achieved till date. Check out a few Steve Jobs books for inspiration, if you aren’t inspired already.

Check out the story, about the innovation and about the Macs from the hearts of several artists, entrepreneurs and users –

The new iOS version, i.e. the iOS 8 is coming out soon.

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