Apple Black Friday shopping day event – 27th November 2009

apple logoApple has announced the special shopping day, the Black Friday which falls on the day after thanksgiving, and the one-day shopping event is going to be held on 27th November 2009. Every mac store that day is going to be holding some discount plans for customers and every mac and accessories, the ipods are going to be sold with some discount.

Apple has already sent out notifications and teasers to customers through emails to let them know about the special day, and the online store shows the note about the discount day, along with free shipping of any product. Both the online and retail stores give the discounts but the reduction in price is not very much. Apple is as always conservative with the prices and discounts.

Apple has been conducting these events every year around the time of christmas and thanksgiving. And last year it was around $51 to $101 discounts on iMacs, the same on MacBooks, $21 discount on iPods, and varying amounts of discounts on different accessories of macs and softwares.

Accd. to Boy Genius Report, here are the leaked discounts –

Among the discounted items are iMacs ($101 off), MacBook Pros ($51-$101 off), iPod nanos ($11 off), and iPod touches ($21-$41 off). Also included are the Apple TV, AirPort products, Magic Mouse, iWork, and several other Apple and third-party accessories.

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  1. Rochester NY Dentist says:

    Cool! Too bad Black Friday is over. I really want to buy a new iPod. Mine is ancient already.

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