Apple ‘Back to the Mac’ media event – October 20th, 2010

Apple is holding their next event on October 20th, 2010 and its named ‘Back to the Mac’. The image they released for the press depicts a lion, which shows the signs of the event being related to the Mac operating system, OS X. The event is going to be held in Cupertino, CA.

apple oct 20th event

Last time it was a lot of new gadget releases by Apple in WWDC, which includes the Apple iOS 4.1, the various new versions of Apple iPods, Apple TV 2nd Gen, Apple iTunes 10, Apple iPod Touch 4G.

What all to expect from the Back to the Mac event?
It can be the Mac OS X update, or the new Macbook Air (ignored in the last event), Mac with touchscreen (let’s start the rumors!)

via Engadget


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