Apple Executive Profiles & Board of Directors Members List: New CEO is Tim Cook

apple logoApple will now have a new brain handling its core stuff, with Tim Cook becoming the new CEO as Steve Jobs announcing the retirement. Tim Cook has been the Chief Operation Officer for the company since quite long, and whenever Steve Jobs had taken a medical leave, Tim used to control the day-to-day operations of the company, and is the one suggested by Jobs to be made the next CEO.

Here is the list of the executive profiles that would be heading the Apple Inc.

Apple Executive Profiles

  • Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.
  • Scott Forstall – Senior Vice President, iOS Software
  • Jonathan Ive – Senior Vice President, Industrial Design
  • Ron Johnson – Senior Vice President, Retail
  • Bob Mansfield – Senior Vice President, Mac Hardware Engineering
  • Peter Oppenheimer – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Philip W. Schiller – Senior Vice President, Worldwide Product Marketing
  • Bruce Sewell – Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Jeff Williams – Senior Vice President, Operations

Apple Board of Directors

  • Steve Jobs – Chairman of the Board, Apple
  • Bill Campbell – Chairman and former CEO, Intuit Corp.
  • Tim Cook – CEO, Apple
  • Millard Drexler – Chairman and CEO, J. Crew
  • Albert Gore Jr. – Former Vice President of the United States
  • Andrea Jung – Chairman and CEO, Avon Products
  • Arthur D. Levinson – Chairman, Genentech
  • Ronald D. Sugar, Ph. D. – Former Chairman and CEO, Northrop Grumman

Here are the profiles of the best people in Apple right now –

Tim Cook (CEO of Apple Inc.)

He served as VP for Corporate Materials in Compaq for 6 months, before he was hired by Jobs for Apple. He served as the Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations, and later was named the Chief Operation Officer in 2007. Tim also spent 12 years with IBM, most recently as director of North American Fulfillment where he led manufacturing and distribution functions for IBM’s Personal Computer Company in North and Latin America. In 2004, Cook served as the CEO of Apple when Steve Jobs was recovering from Pancreatic Cancer. He also serves as the Board of Directors of Nike. In January 2011, when Steve Jobs was on a medical leave, Tim Cook was responsible for all the day-to-day operations of the company, and on August 24th, as Steve Jobs announced his retirement, he suggested the company to make Cook as the CEO according to their succession plan.

tim cook

Tim Cook is the new CEO for Apple Inc. from 24th August, 2011

Scott Forstall (Senior Vice President – iOS Software)

Scott reports to the CEO with all the aspects of the iOS, operating system of the iPhone. Everything about the iPhone which includes the user interface, applications, frameworks, operating system etc. is looked upon by Scott. Forstall joined Apple in 1997 and has been one of the main roles in the building up of Mac OS X architecture and its Aqua user interface. He was a part of NeXT before he joined Apple, and once he entered the company he has been responsible in many of the releases of not just the iOS, but also the Mac OS X, including the latest Mac OS X Leopard.

Jonathan Ive (Senior Vice President – Industrial Design)

To what Apple is best at, the design of the various products of the Apple Inc. are all handled by Jonathan Ive, who reports directly to the CEO with all the designs of Apple gadgets, which have been revolutionary and won several awards worldwide, and hold place in several museums including the MOMA in New York.

Steve Jobs – Chairman, Board of Directors

Steve Jobs has had a long time journey with Apple, where he was once ousted out of the company due to some reasons but later when he entered the company due to the acquisition of NeXT by Apple, he made a big impact with the help in launch of iMac where the company got a profit of 400% and since then, the company has been on the top with its innovative products, like the Macs, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV etc. On 24th August 2011, Steve Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple and became the Chairman of Board of Directors of Apple Inc.

steve jobs

Steve Jobs, the chairman of Board of Directors, Apple Inc.

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