Apple introduces Apple iTunes 9 – Free download

Its 09/09/09 and so the awaited conference by Apple, is finally going on, and Steve Jobs is back! He just announced the iTunes 9 version, with some excellent additions to the previous version.
Its cleaned up for easier navigation for users and here are a few features –

  • Genius mixes – automatically plays songs from your library that go together! Its emerged from the genius database that Apple collected.
  • New syncing options – You can sync with artists, genres etc. Also for photos and movies!
  • Managing apps in iTunes – Now you can manage the iPhone or iPod apps in the iTunes app
  • Home sharing – This will let you copy songs, movies, shows to up to 5 authorized computers in your house
  • Bonus material for movies – Similar to DVD bonus features, but also includes interactive material.
  • Gift or share – You can gift the music, or share on facebook or twitter! Add it to a wishlist too.

itunes 9

There are quite few other features too, and the iTunes 9 is already available for free download. You can do that from your iTunes straight away as you might have got the message already that iTunes 9 is available for upgrade.

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