Apple iOS 4.1 released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The Apple media event going on today has many announcements, and one of them being the iOS update which many were waiting for, to see the bugs being fixed.

These are some of the updates shared by the CEO Steve Jobs

  • Over 230000 devices with iOS4 are activated daily, indicating the number of iOS based gadgets sold.
  • 6.5 billion app downloads – 200 per second
  • iOS 4.1 released today with fixes to Bluetooth bugs, proximity bugs, iPhone 3G bugs are all fixed in this.
  • HD photos would be possible now
  • HD video upload through wifi possible
  • TV show rentals
  • Gaming center

HD Photos – The phone now takes 3 photos at once, the normal and two other with higher and lesser exposure, making the HD photo. And the normal and HD photos are stored, for you to select which would be better.

Gaming center – Allows you to play multiplayer games, and challenge friends. Auto-matching is also done, and game comparison apart from discovering new games regularly in the gaming center. Epic games is coming in the end of this year.

The iOS 4.1 would be released next week through the iTunes.

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