Apple iOS 5.1 Firmware Update Download – Official links

Apple has released the new version of the iOS, which is the iOS 5.1 version with a few enhancements and addition of features. This came along with the launch of the new iPad from Apple, apart from the launch of the new Apple TV and few other announcements. The option of upgrading to the latest iOS version depends on how you want to do it, as one could get the device updated from the iTunes, or over-the-air directly in the device.

iOS 5.1 update available

Some would like to do development with the new iOS 5.1 version, or a few who are facing the problems in updating their iOS device to the latest version of the operating system, could get the update done by downloading the firmware directly. Here is how you can update to iOS 5.1 in your iOS device, but following are the links to download the iOS 5.1 firmware.

Apple launched the new iPad today, and it comes with the iOS 5.1 directly, but the users who have devices with the iOS 5 operating system could update to get the latest features, such as changes in the lock screen, Siri supporting Japanese, updated camera app for the iPad and various other security updates. But the most important update advantage would be the improved battery life which the release notes have given, but we are not sure if that is really noticeably changing.

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