Apple iOS4 New OS for iPhone, iPod touch – All features and details

apple ios4It was not just the Apple iPhone 4 which was released in the Apple WWDC, but the major news also included the release of new operating system i.e. the Apple iOS4 for iPhone and iPod touch. The Apple iPhone 4 would anyways come with the new operating system, but the users of previous generations of iPhones will also have an option to upgrade to the latest OS version. And this new iOS4 has come in with several new features and additions. Here is what all you would see –


  • The best and most needed one on an iPhone. Multitasking was not possible in any previous version, and this was the only advantage Symbian had against iPhone. The multitasking would help you keep running other apps in the background while using one app in the front. This all would not eat up all the battery, and performance would still be the same.
  • Background Audio – Although this was partially possible earlier, now you can listen to the music in the background while running any app, or playing games in the front.
  • VoIP calls now possible while running any apps.
  • Reloading of the apps now not needed, as you can switch between the apps without closing one completely to open another.
  • Push notifications – Receive alerts from your remote servers even when your app isn’t running.
  • Background location – Navigation apps can now continue to guide users who are listening to their iPods, or using other apps.


The new way of advertising, through the system developed by Apple called iAds, where developers get a chance to earn more money by placing ads in their apps, and companies get a chance of their website promotion by advertising in the apps. Apple will sell and serve the ads, and developers will receive 60 percent of iAd revenue. The advantage here would be that the users while using the app, would not need to step out of the app to view the iAd, as it is seen there itself.

Game Center

The iOS 4 GM seed software and SDK includes a developer preview of the GameKit APIs that allows you to create apps that will work with Game Center, Apple’s new social gaming network. Your users can invite friends to play a game, start a multiplayer game through matchmaking, track their achievements, and compare their high scores on a leader board.

There are many other new features seen in this iOS4 which would be reviewed when the original version is finally released. These are the features as described by Apple.

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  1. Jobs has done a great job in releasing the brand new device which will change the method in which we use cell phones in the future. It’s been a long time in the making and it’s ultimately time for it’s release!

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