Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom Honeycomb Tablet

iPad2 vs XoomMarket of tablets & Smart phones are up and changing at a very rapid rate. With the change in the market, the focus and demand of users are also changing. Gadget makers are coming up with the best product they can provide, but still they lack at some point.

In this high-competitive market, comparison is must in every field to make the thing clear and give them a way to improve. Various competitors like Motorola, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, RIM (Research in Motion) are launching new products and fighting with each other in the battle field of technology.

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Rumors say that by 2014 there will be more than 400 million tablet users and but see who will be the leader according to the rumors, it will be Google, It will not be the Apple who will lead the market. This rumor surprised all, because Apple always has something unique and interesting in the pipeline and is one of the best players in the market. Let’s see what will happen in future.

For the time, Here I am sharing two latest tablet competitors –

Processor and OS :

Talking about the Processor & OS functionality of the both the phones, Motorola Xoom is powered with 1 GHz of Dual-Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 with processing speed of 1000MHz. Motorola Xoom is rated as one of the best device at CES 2011. Motorola Xoom is the first Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablet which can be upgraded to 4G and support 1080p HD Video content.

Whereas Apple iPad 2 is having 1GHz Dual- core processor with A5 chipset with processing speed of 1000 MHz, which provides 2x the CPU on iPad2 and 9x the GPU Performance of its predecessor. iPad 2 is running iOs 4.2

Display and Resolution :

Motorola Xoom is well- equipped with 10.1-Inches capacitive Touchscreen display and also has higher resolution 1280 X 800 and 16:10 aspect ratio. Its maximum brightness setting doesn’t seem to do the tablet justice when using it outdoors under the presence of sun lurking around.

iPad 2 has 9.7-Inches of wide Touchscreen which is integrated with multi touch display, that supports IPS technology and with a resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels. There is no retina display for iPad 2 that is why the resolution is still the same.

Camera and Dimensions :

The tablet is slim and light weight with a dimension of 9.80-Inches (249mm) (h) X 6.62-Inches (167.8mm) (w) X 0.51(12.9mm) (d) and only 730 g in weight. The device is having a widescreen display but is still is very thin. Tablet have best online casino 5.0 megapixel of rear camera with dual LED flash, 720p video recording and 2MP of front camera, 1080p video playback.

iPad 2 is thinner and much lighter than its previous iPad, it’s just 8.8 mm thing and weight 1.3 pounds (612g). It is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than that of previous iPad. iPad supports video conferencing which was not available before . It supports new feature like HDMI Compatibility which gives output on HDTV and 7200p video camcorder, and FaceTime video conferencing.

Battery life and other features :

Xoom has 10 hours of video playback. It has network support of 3G which can be upgradeable to 4G and a memory of 32GB on board user memory , SD Card support and 1GB DDR2 RAM and Bluetooth 2.1 EDR 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi. The device has built in gyroscope, barometer, and accelerometer. Business applications are like exchange of email, editing documents, Google calendar etc.

iPad 2 has the same size and battery life as in the previous one. The modification is only in case of video conferencing and its dimension. Its battery life is 10 hours. It also have HDMI compatibility and has new software photobooth apps like iMovie and GarageBand, Bluetooth , WI –Fi, Wi-Fi 3G which is available in different ranges.

Several iPad 2 Specification is yet to be modified as Apple says, we can see that Xoom has much more features than iPad2.

Does it mean Xoom is going to leave the iPad 2 behind? Do share your opinion with us?

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