Apple iPhone 5 – The Perfect Gaming Smartphone?

Apple have been updating their phones every year since the first iPhone hit the streets, and since then there has always been a big debate every year as to if it is really worth upgrading from the last year’s model in order to get the extra features. Often it is only minor feature updates to the phones from year to year that unless you really want the best you can get you wouldn’t notice a difference in performance. But what if you’re a first time buyer looking to get an iPhone and you know you will be playing casino games on the device, is it worth the extra money in order to go for the iPhone 5 over the 4 or 4s?

When comparing the 4 and the 4S there are a few minor differences, the first being that the 4S contains a dual core CPU with the 4 having only a single core, which is good news to the gamer. Even though these both have the same clock speed being a dual core the 4S will be able to deal with gaming data more efficiently and thus feel more responsive when compared. These both of course have a slower clock speed than the 5 but the difference you will feel between the 4S and 5 is much smaller as it keeps up nicely. This is the same for almost all aspects of the different iPhones.

iphone 5 gaming

There are already a lot of rumors flowing around that the successor to the iPhone 5 is going to come out pretty soon and thus we might be seeing even a better processor, but it isn’t easy to leave out the previous versions when a newer one comes into the scene. The Game center from Apple is one of the major features to mention about, having the games optimized for the particular iOS devices, and the iPhone 5 has got many games which are well optimized and that could come with a great performance and no glitches while being played.

While the companies do take the new processor and chipset into consideration while making games optimized for that, there is the changed display and the battery levels that would also be taken into mind when making heavy games for the device, and here are a few optimized games for the Apple iPhone 5:

  • Asphalt 7: Heat – A real heavy game but well optimized that you don’t see a lag at all anytime in those multiple levels, getting several cars to select from.
  • Wild Blood – This is a graphics filled game, with the 3D rendering perfectly seen in the iPhone 5, and you fight through the stages of a role playing game.
  • FIFA Soccer 13 – An excellent game, a paid one but has got so much of processing needed and excellent graphics in the game would needs the perfect GPU and screen which the iPhone 5 has very well got in itself.

Is the Apple iPhone 5 the best smartphone for gaming?

This question cannot be answered with that ease, because the iPhone 5 is the best smartphone from Apple but it cannot easily content to be one of the best in the entire league, because brands like Samsung, Sony, Motorola have come up with excellent devices with brilliant displays and excellent GPUs inside them for a good processing of the games. But yes, it lies in the top list of devices in which high-end gaming is a good possibility and the battery too responds well to the same.

In terms of gaming though, the 4 will start to show its age as it won’t be as responsive when playing games. Even smaller games such as the iPhone mobile casino games could start to take their toll on the phone in the future, and with many of the games in the store not even supporting the 4 because the performance isn’t enough for their games you might want to look into one of the other two phones where there is much less difference. You could always of course just play in browser instead of using apps, which gives you more freedom to choose the online casino games your phone can handle. Many sites are optimised for mobile gaming, so whichever iPhone you have, there is a slots game for you out there.

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