[Rumor] Apple iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 Coming with Better Processor and Camera

It wouldn’t be a rumor if someone says that Apple is coming up with a new iPhone this year, as that is what happens every year, but what comes in it, is something always rumored till the last date and Apple has never failed to surprise, either in the positive or the negative way. This time, it would be the Apple iPhone 5S which would be coming out, just as the tradition goes with the Apple 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and after the Apple 5 now we cannot expect any alternative name, though there is a possibility of the name iPhone 6.

It is rumored that Apple is going to come up with the new devices, both in the smartphone and tablet categories somewhere in August. It is being rumored that the Apple iPhone 5S would be coming with almost the same design as of the iPhone 5, but the processor and the camera is where Apple would do the modifications and improvements. The overall performance of the device also is being concentrated upon, so that the user experience is further enhanced with the new version of iOS to be released at the same time when these new gadgets are launched.

Apple iPhone 5

Unlike the iPhone and iPad Mini, the iPad’s next version is said to come in April itself but there is no official confirmation from Apple. Apple has always kept the size of the iPhone small when compared to the large Android smartphones in the growing market, and that is what has been sold a lot because not everyone would prefer to have a large 5-inch heavy device in their pocket when a smaller device provides everything similar.

There are three hot products awaited from Apple this year, after a rocking one in 2012 where the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 were certainly in the list of the highest sold devices. The three to be expected this year are the Apple iPhone 5S, Apple iPad Mini 2 and the Apple iWatch. But with the rumors about the cases of iPad 5 and the retina display being leaked all around, it is the first device expected to launch this year from Apple.

For us, it has been a short cycle always by Apple as they kept coming up with the devices and OS versions every few months and that is what has to be avoided to keep the users interested, rather than feel disappointed for seeing something new just after they purchased a new product which was the latest from the same manufacturer.

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