Apple iPod Touch 4G White Unboxing and Review

Apple iPod Touch 4G is the latest in the iPod Touch series from Apple, and it comes with the iOS 5 operating system. We have got the iPod Touch White color with us, which looks the most beautiful and far better than the black one. The iPod Touch was launched at the Let’s talk iPhone event in October 2011.

Here is the unboxing of the Apple iPod Touch 4G 8GB version (white color):

The iPod Touch comes with a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen with multitouch and it has one of the best designs around for any iPods of any generations and class. The iPod Nano is small, the classic is a little bulky, but the iPod Touch is a little thinner and lighter than the iPhone, making it one of the best. The A4 processor chip in the iPod Touch keeps the speed pretty high, and the camera of the touch has the capability of recording videos at 720p quality. It is available 8GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. It boasts the retina display, with the screen resolution of 960 x 640 pixels.

ipod touch white

The iPod Touch 4G has the iOS 5 operating system, the one installed in it being 5.0.1 version and it has some of the most excellent features, i.e. the iMessage, Facetime, Airplay, Game center, Integration of social networks like Twitter etc. and the backing up options through the iCloud. Overall, the price of $200 for the 8GB looks pretty good for the features it provides. You can purchase it from the Amazon store, and get more discounts or free shipping.

We have checked both the Black and white versions of the iPod Touch 4G, and the White one looks sleek and gives a better feel with no eye-catching brightness on the back which would have taken away the attraction off the screen of it. The front side of the iPod Touch 4G has got a VGA camera which helps in the Facetime chat or video calling through any other apps. The iMessage feature in the iPod touch not just helps in normal messaging through internet but also sharing of files, pictures, videos etc. that you might have downloaded or captured using the camera of the iPod touch. The video capturing is neat, with the 720p quality being delivered pretty well.

The internet browsing, touch response, syncing, mail box, game center are all exceptional and are the ones which can be claimed as the prime reasons for one to buy the iPod Touch 4G.

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