New Apple iPod Touch Launched: iMessage, Game Center, New Prices

The Apple Let’s Talk iPhone event did have some good news, some disappointing ones (especially the new iPhone 4S with no difference in the external features like design etc.) but in the end, it wasn’t just the iPhone and the iOS that were updated and announced but the Apple Music world saw 2 updates. One was the new iPod Nano with better user interface, and the other is the new iPod Touch.

the new apple ipod touch

The iPod Touch comes with a few features like:

  • iMessage: With this feature the free text messaging unlimited text messages from an iOS device to the other. An iPod touch user can send text message to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch free through Wi-Fi.
  • HD Recording of Videos: The camera of the iPod touch is now capable of recording videos in the HD quality, i.e. the 720p HD recording.
  • Game Center: There are over 100000 games in the Apple app store, out of the 500000 apps available. Gaming would be at its best in the iPod touch.
  • Apple iOS 5: The new iOS version would be coming on October 12th and would be coming in the iPod touch. The new iOS has got around 200 new features and upgrades to the old ones.
  • iCloud: The iCloud features stores the photos, music and documents and wirelessly pushes them to all the synced devices. The iCloud would be a free update and will be available along with the iOS 5 update.

apple ipod touch

Here are the different models and prices of the new iPod touch.

  • 8GB – $199
  • 32GB – $299
  • 64GB – $399

The actual launch of the iPod Touch would be on October 12th, along with the launch of iOS 5.

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