Apple Launches New iPod Nano: 8GB for $129, 16GB for $149

The iPod Nano has got an update, in the announcement made today at the Apple Let’s Talk iPhone event. It is the new iPod Nano with a better user interface and larger icons to make things easier and better for users.

new ipod nano

Here is what the keynote says about the update:
“There’s a really cool use people have created all their own — accessories like watch bands. We thought that was really fun, so with the updated nano we’ve added 16 new clock faces to make it fun for people who like to wear it as a watch. Why not, right?”

The new iPod Nano would be available in 7 colors, and it would be costing $129 for the 8GB, and $149 for the 16GB version.

apple ipod nano watch

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