Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event Wrap-up

apple lets talk iphoneThe Apple event brought in nothing surprising. The new iPhone came in, but the same design and just a few upgrades.. the typical Apple update stuff just happened. Here is the entire event covered by us. First off, check the Live Updates of the Event that we posted when it was going on.

  • Apple iPod Nano Updated – The new iPod Nano came in, with a few updates, the better user interface and 7 colors, and a change in pricing. The 8GB one available for $129 and the 16GB one for $149.
  • Apple iPod Touch Updated – The next updated gadget was the iPod touch, with a few good new features and the changed pricing, and this being the most successful iPod for Apple, surely would get the craze for the excellent additions of features like iMessage, Game Center etc.
  • Apple iPhone 4S Announced – The revolutionary phone, now called the World Phone is the iPhone 4S (check iPhone 4S prices) with the A5 chip and faster processor, giving 7 times the speed of iPhone 4, the 8 hours of battery life and a better camera. Check the iPhone 4S camera, which is of 8MP quality with autofocus and flash, and records videos at 1080p quality. The iPhone 4S is priced at $199, $299 and $399 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

iphone 4s white

  • iOS 5 Launched – The new version of the iOS has been launched, and this iOS 5 would be actually launching on October 12th, with one of the new features, i.e. the iCloud.

Check out the Technical Specifications of the iPhone 4S.

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