Apple Macbook Tip – Copy and Delete a File Together

In any Operating system, you can copy and paste a file from a place to another. There is a cut option in windows, by which the file is removed from a place and can be sent to any other folder or destination.

Now in Macbook, there is no option like the cut one, so when you are transferring files from your hard drive to some firewire or external disk, you copy the files and paste into the drive folders. This will leave the original files intact in your hard drive. You normally think of deleting it, but doesn’t it make your work harder? First copying, then deleting from the original folder… ?

So here is the tip, you can copy the file from there and delete it from that place too.
Just hold the command key while dragging or copying the file. This will remove the file from the source folder and just dump it into the destination folder!

copy delete file together


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