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QuickSilver is a exceptional free utility software program for Mac OS X that allows users to use the keyboard to rapidly launch applications, manipulate files and data, run scrips or sending e-mail. Not only will this free utility make life easier on a Mac, it will speed up your productivity. Imagine being able to easily find those hard to find files on your Mac.

All you need to do is key in a few key words and QuickSilver does the rest for you. The neat thing about this utility is that you don’t have to wait long. Once you key in a few letters it automatically suggests what you are looking for and all you need to do is press enter and then it’s right in front of you at the speed of light.

QuickSilver also offers a command mode for more complex tasks. When you are done searching for file, simply hit the Tab key and use your arrow keys to do things like send the file in an e-mail make and alias of the file, copy to clipboard, or any of a huge list of actions. Also QuickSilver is designed to run all the time in the background while the operating system is running. And the best thing about it is that its free.

Download Apple Quicksilver

apple quicksilver


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