Apple WWDC 2013 Event Highlights – Mac OS X Mavericks, Mac Air, iOS 7

The Apple WWDC started off with some of the highlights about the company shared by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Here are a few of them about the company, the gadgets and the milestones reached by the company.

Apple WWDC 2013 Event

  • There are around 6 million developers working on the Apple apps.
  • Apple WWDC conference sold out in just 71 seconds.
  • 1 million daily visitors in the Apple Stores.
  • 407 stores in 14 countries.
  • Apple Store completes 5 years next month.
    50 billion apps downloaded till now.
  • 900000 iOS apps in the store, 93% downloaded every month.
  • 375000 apps made specially for the iPad
  • 575,000,000 accounts in the App store.
  • Developers have been paid a total of 10 billion dollars till now.
  • App download revenue 74% iOS, 20% for the Android and 6% all other mobile OS stores.
  • Anki – Boris Sofman the co-founder explaining about the robotic technology.

Mac from Apple

  • 72 million total mac base
  • Was the #1 desktop in the US
  • Macbook the #1 laptop in the US
  • 5 year growth of Macs is 100% compared to 20% of the PCs
  • 28 Million copies of Mountain Lion sold after its launch
  • 35% users upgraded to Mountain Lion, compared to Windows 8 which saw just around 5% upgrades

New Apple Macbook Air Versions: Apple has launched the new version of the Macbook Air, and these are the upgraded 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the same, where you get to see a new processor, better battery life and lots more.

Apple Mac OS X Mavericks – The newest version of Mac from Apple. This comes with many excellent new features, additions of apps such as iBooks, multi-display support in a newer way and quite a lot of stuff, with the developer preview being available right now and the actual download for users to be available during the fall.

Apple iOS 7: Aple has come up with the new version of the iOS, the Apple iOS 7. We totally loved the new features, the very new interface, and Apple itself gave a list of 10 best features of iOS 7, which you could check to know what’s the best new stuff that you can expect from the iOS 7. The Beta version of it is going to be available today.

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