Apple WWDC 2009 Keynote by Phil Schiller – Live

apple logoThe WWDC just started and the keynote is being delivered by Phil Schiller who is doing it on part of Steve Jobs who did it last time but isn’t delivering the keynote this year due to the health upset. And here is the keynote delivered (Thanks to Macrumorslive, Engadget and Gizmodo for live blogging the event)

> 25M active OS X users in first 5 years, up until 2007. In the last two years, however, it has grown to 75M.
> Launching the all new 15″ Macbook Pro. It has a battery with 7 hours life and 1000 charge cycles. Mostly the battery would last for a minimum of 5 years and some users would not be needing to replace a battery anytime, and if at all they need to, there would be options at the Apple Store.
> The 15″ Macbook Pro has a unique and better design, and 60% color gamut increase. Now has a SD card slot.
> Lithium-polymer battery of 15″ Macbook Pro would be used in the 17″ Macbook pro too.
> Up to 3.06 Dual Core CPU. Up to 8GB of RAM. Up to 500GB 7200RPM HD. Or, 256GB SSD. Making this the fastest processors made for mac anytime. Price of the new Macbook Pro ranging from $1,699 to $2,229 for different configurations.
> There is a slot of FireWire 800 available now beside the USB socket.
> The 13″ Macbook previously, now is called the Macbook Pro and costs $1,199 to $1,499 depending on the configuration.
> Pricing for Macbook Air changed – $1,499 to $1,799 from now on and it has 2.13GHz CPU.

> Apple claims the macbooks to be The world’s greenest line of laptops due to the environmental friendly nature.
> And here is Apple again truly blaming Windows! Windows 7 comes with more complications with their defragmenters, registry cleaners and other internal softwares. Leopard has been the best releases for Mac OS by Apple. Apple has done a good refinement with the Mac software and changes in the technology being used by them.
> Refined over 90% of core OS pieces in Snow Leopard. Rewrote Finder in Cocoa, which results in lots of extra features.
> Built Expose into the Dock. Click and hold on an app icon, and all of its open windows appear in typical Expose style. 45% faster installation of the OS. Recover over 6GB of disk space after upgrading from Leopard. (Taken from Macrumorslive)
> Preview app has become faster with better text selection of the PDF files.

>*** Safari 4 finally released out of the beta stage. It features top sites and is faster than the previous version. Today is the launch of Safari 4 for all the OS and platforms.
> Safari 4 has 7.8X faster at JavaScript than IE8, which is better than Chrome, and Safari 4 comes with Snow Leopard too. It has many added features, and crash resistance, and faster Quicktime.
> New interface of the Quicktime player!

> Snow Leopard demoed at WWDC.
> Stacks handle lots of content better — scrolling, drilling into folders. Finder lets you magnify thumbnails on the fly, similar to iPhoto. Can step through multi-page documents and play videos right through Finder. (Taken from Macrumorslive)
> Expose: Click on any App icon and all the windows of the app would be exposed. Better organization of windows in expose.
> Can drag a file to an icon in the Dock, all of the app’s windows will appear, and can drop the file in the correct window.

> Safari 4 claimed to be the fastest browser on any platform. Not sure till we check as Chrome is claimed to be the fastest on Windows.
> In Safari 4, ESPN and Google Maps render immediately. Top sites section is seen. Alerts the user when a website is updated, by showing a star on preview.
> There is a spotlight search option for browsing history in Safari 4. No need to search for the URLs, just a text search would do.

> Quicktime X is rebuilt to show content better. Even the titlebar hides when the mouse is kept away.
> Quicktime X lets you trim and share video using a visual timeline that makes it easy to select the part of the video you want.
> Edited videos can be shared on Youtube, iTunes etc. anytime from Quicktime X.

> Multi-core processors, and their better management was not possible earlier, but now in Snow Leopard there is “Grand Central Station” which helps with that.
> OpenCL – For Hardware abstraction, C-based language, automatic optimization, numerical accuracy.
> Exchange, the feature to manage mails etc. in different macs, is being supported by Mail, iCal and Address Book.
> Quicklook helps you preview MS Office documents from mail although MS office might not be installed.
> Event invitations can be accepted/denied right through Mail. iCal and Address Book automatically have all appropriate data once Mail is setup. One or more contacts can be drag & dropped into iCal to automatically create a meeting. (Taken from Macrumorslive)

> Snow Leopard launched for Mac. Leopard users can upgrade just for $29 and family pack for $49 which would be released in September. Snow would be available for all intel macs.

> iPhone keynote:
> 1,000,000 SDK downloads, 50,000 Apps on the App Store, 40M iPhones/iPod Touches sold, 1B+ apps downloaded this year.
> iPhone 3.0 OS has 100 new features! OMG that’s a lot.
> Cut, copy, paste options which can work across apps, and support for undo feature.
> Options to create and send MMS from the iPhone.
> Landscape mode in Mail/Notes/Messages
> Search through mails, calendars, media and notes.
> Spotlight on the homescreen to search for anything in the phone
> iTunes changes: Renting and purchasing movies in the iTunes store possible from the iPhone. Purchasing of TV shows, music and the audiobooks also possible.
> Phone’s internet can be used in macbook or computer through USB or bluetooth.
> Tethering is a seamless experience — once it’s on, you don’t have to run any additional software. Requires carrier support — 22 supported carriers when launched — AT&T was not included. (Taken from Macrumorslive)
> Support for streaming audio and video HTTP in the Safari. Auto-fill support for usernames, passwords, and contact information.
> More languages supported now. Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Korean, Thai are the new ones.
> Find My iPhone – A new feature where you can login to MobileMe account and see where your iPhone is, on Google Maps.
> Remote Wipe feature to delete all your data like mail, contacts if your phone has got lost. The data gets restored if you get your phone back.
> 100+ new APIs with hundred new features.
> Developers can now embed Google maps into the applications that they develop.
> More push notifications included in the new OS.

>*** iPhone 3.0 to be available on June 17th 2009 for free to iPhone users, and cost of $9.99 for iTouch users.

> Asphalt 5, by Gameloft is going to be the best racing game for iPhone. Music from your library can be played in the background.
> Airstrip – Lets medical professionals monitor patient’s medical data.
> ScrollMotion – An app that helps in creating digital books for App Store.
> In-app purchase option to buy books directly from within the app.
> When payment is done, the buyer is allowed to download the book through the app, save it and also email it without leaving the app.
> TomTom – Turn-by-turn directions app. Text-to-speech to announce the directions. Accessory would be made available for the attachment of iPhone to the car.
> ngmoco – App to bring games to iPhone. This brings one of the games Star Defense. A game with tower defense, 3D interface and multi-touch support. This game adds in Plus Network for head-to-head playing and the game is launching for $5.99 today.
> Pasco, a company that focuses to teach Sciences to children. Some sensors for performing experiments.
> Zipcar – A car sharing service with around 0.3 million members across US and UK. This app helps you find and reserve a nearby zipcar and due to the support of Google maps in iPhone 3.0 it helps you check things in Google Maps. Hitting the horn icon would make the horn of the car sound in the lot which makes searching of the car easier. And in the same way, unlocking the car is also possible.
> Line6 and Planet Waves – These two are working together to control your guitar and amp from your iPhone. Adjustment of settings like guitar tuning without actually touching the guitar physically.

iPhone and its dominating world:
> iPhone has taken upto 65% of the mobile web usage.
> 50,000 apps on iPhone, 4,900 for Android, 1,088 for Nokia (total), Blackberry (1,030), Palm (18).

New iPhone = iPhone 3GS – S stands for Speed.
> Wrote a post for all the features and details. Check iPhone 3GS information post.


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