Apple WWDC – News and Updates of Apple iPad

apple wwdcThe Apple WWDC Conference is mainly focused this time on the Apple iPhone 4G but still there are many other things that Apple had to talk about in the conference, one of them being the Apple iPad.

  • Since its launch, the iPad sales have been on a roll. Here are a few stats and news about the iPad –
  • Apple has sold over 2m iPads. That’s one every three seconds.
  • iPad is now in ten countries. And its trying to go to 19 countries by the end of July.
  • There are now 8.5k native iPad apps in the App Store. They’ve been downloaded 35 million times. That’s about 17 apps per iPad.
  • The iBooks application – in the first 65 days, users have downloaded over 5m books, that’s about 2.5 books per iPad.
  • iBooks – You can create highlights, you can also make notes. Control option to just tap and bookmark a page.
  • iPad has the ability to view and read PDFs.

So with the launch of features like reading the PDFs, the demand for iPad is surely going to increase!

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