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What else can be said of the wonderful iTunes program that hasn’t been said. This exceptionally easy to use application is so helpful in managing audio and video on a personal computer. While iTunes is required to manage the audio of an Apple iPod portable audio player, users do not need to own an iPod to use iTunes. Users can organize their music into playlists within one or more libraries, edit file information, record Compact Discs, copy files to a digital audio player, purchase music and videos through its built-in music store, download free podcasts, back up songs onto a CD or DVD, run a visualizer to display graphical effects in time to the music, and encode music into a number of different audio formats.

apple itunes

The Apple’s iTunes version 6 takes it to another level and improves upon the older versions. The improvements are mostly in the iTunes Music Store, the successful online store that users can reach only through iTunes. This amazing store now offers TV Shows, short films, and music videos. It becomes more affordable than the old version that had full length movies which made it more expensive. $1.99 a show is more affordable than most.

This is more like when the lowered the price of a music download to 99 cent which brought about the mass consumer who is looking for a cheap way to get their favorite music without spending too much. File sharing software which is sometimes use to illegally download copyrighted music can also be uploaded onto your iTunes which where most people find use of it. Getting started with iTunes is a simple matter of downloading and installing the latest version; It’s always free, so unlike Musicmatch, it will never badger you with pop-ups asking you to upgrade. Once the program is installed, you can start ripping your CDs and browsing the iTunes Music Store for digital downloads


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  2. Is it possible to load MP3 files on the apple iPod?

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