Applications with Flash now possible for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

adobe logoOne of the major disadvantages of the geeky gadgets from Apple have been the lack of support of flash in them. The Apple iPad released yesterday had the same drawback, but the Apple flash team has taken a step ahead to make it possible to build apps on flash for all the Apple devices, i.e. Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch and Apple iPad.

The Adobe flash team had already announced the Packager for iPhone in 2009 which allows to develop native iPhone apps, but the same right now will not be available to use the iPad’s screen resolution. The team is trying to make developers use the package and help take the advantage to build something for the increased screen size and resolution, to fit the iPad.
There have been a few applications already been tested by the developers which the iPhone users can also use and test in their gadgets, some of those being Gold Strike, Brush etc.

apple iphone 3g

The flash platform provides the ability to create apps to make it work on the bigger screens, and on the same time compromise the size to adjust into iPhone and iPod touch too.

Check the Packager for iPhone developed by Adobe flash team.

Check the details of Apple iPad and the reasons why Apple iPad is a fail, one of them being the lack of support of flash. If Adobe team can fully help supporting flash in the Apple devices, it would be a better ask for the Apple iPad, although the major reason for iPad to fail is lack of multitasking.

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