Top Apps for Productivity in Small Business – iOS and Android

In such a fast paced and highly competitive professionalized world, there is a growing need to get the maximum productivity in order to strengthen business even further. Time is equally the biggest factor and entrepreneurs along with small business owners have rightly realized the same aspect. After all, “time is money”. Therefore, while reading the following article, you will get to know the Top apps for small business in order to scale their dull and sagging business to further heights in the minimum possible time.

FormMobi for iOS and Android

FormMobi App FormMobi iPhone

If you want to speedily and easily distribute data on any mobile device, then this tool gives you the best reason for doing the same. This app work wonders towards filling the forms, it has endless features to its command. For example, you can collect signatures, record audio, take pictures etc. Therefore, your tasks pertaining to transferring and distributing the data is accomplished in the minimum possible time. It is nothing more than the Clipboard reinvented, with several functions available including creating, gathering and using the data in a newer and better way.

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Evernote for Android, iOS

Evernote Android Evernote App

How can you miss the presence of this sophisticated business app from your professional life? After all, life is regarded to be normal only if it’s on track and the application facilitates the same as it keeps a track of your professional commitments in the form of “to-do-list”. Applications have made life easy and a reflection of the same can be seen through Evernote as it access your documents, files along with other important materials and you can share the information by connecting your device to laptop or PC. You can also share documents with social media profiles as it supports the same. Being a free app, you surely cannot ask any thing for more than this.

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Expensify for iOS and Android

Expensify App Expensify Expenses

Transparency strengthens business even further and it gets further boosted up with this business app namely Expensify. It records the expenses and mileage as employers get the file receipts which are submitted by the users. The craze of this app can be gauged from the fact that whopping 1 million users are taking its benefits in just a matter of 4 years. The app syncs with your credit card and then tracks all the expenses made through it and list them to give you an idea of them, and the app can drag in all the e-Receipts and digital wallet receipts for your purchases made online or through the cards. Cards with which the app syncs include American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Discover, TD Bank, US Bank, USAA, Wachovia, Wells Fargo.

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Tripit Travel Organizer for iOS and Android

TripIt app TripIt upcoming trips

This business app eases the business travelers especially prior to undertaking the journey with regards to the flights, weather updates, maps and direction in order to make the journey pleasant. The app chalks out an itinerary which helps towards easing from various unforeseen situations as well. The best feature of this app is the automation, where upon syncing, the app prepares the itinerary for you by pulling in all the details of your various trips in the future. You can set up alerts, connect to friends socially through the app.

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Freshbooks for iPhone & iPad

Freshbooks App Freshbooks Project

How can you forget this wonderful business app when it comes to managing accounts in your organization. It eases the whole process with regards to the same so that users are eased greatly by tracking expenses along with creating flexible invoices as well. FreshBooks for iPhone and iPad is built for business owners to get organized and get paid. Track time at a coffee shop, log an expense from a cab, or send an invoice right from your client’s office. It is all based on the cloud storage thus syncing and working on-the-go won’t be hard any time.

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