Mac Giveaway: 3 Bundles of AppSumo Mac Bundles worth $165 each

Appsumo is one of the places which reduces the price value of a mac app bundle into a pretty less one, and this time they have a great bundle of apps for sale. The bundle has the apps that just not relate to entertainment, but also helps you maintain your accounts and keep you up with the updates on the web.

We’ve been given 3 bundles of the Mac apps to giveaway to our readers, and here is something about the apps that are included in the bundle –

mac journalMacJournal – A journaling application for the Mac users, where you can keep adding the chronicles of your life, any memory or thoughts in the journal. You can add photos, images, files, videos and audio to your journal entries. The application even helps you share the entries to the web world through blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc.

* You would be getting the full version of MacJournal through this bundle. The full version is priced at $39.

machinariumMachinarium – An awesome game where you are the robot who has been thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city, and who must return and confront the Black Cap Brotherhood, and save his robot girl-friend. The game is beautified with cool graphics and stuff.

* You would be getting the full version of Machinarium through this bundle. The full version is priced at $20.

wondershare video converter proWondershare Video Converter Pro – This is all-in-one Mac video converter and DVD ripper for Mac with simplified user interface and enhanced performance. It has the ability of converting movies to formats that 13 different phone resolutions can support. Supports the iPad format conversion. The video converter app also helps import the videos and DVDs to iMovie, iDVD and Youtube.

* You would be getting the full version of Wondershare Video Converter Pro through this bundle. The full version is priced at $49.

senutiSenuti – Senuti is one of the best applications to recover the music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad into your mac. The app even makes it easy to transfer the music and playlists into the iTunes. It also finds the duplicates between the present iTunes library of yours, and the the device library.

* You would be getting the full version of Senuti through this bundle. The full version is priced at $18.

moneyMoney – Keep track of everything that you spend, your bank accounts, cash, credit cards, investments and loans. Everything that is financial, is tracked and recorded by this Money app. It helps in budget planning, invoicing, and gives advanced reports.

* You would be getting the full version of Money through this bundle. The full version is priced at $39.

The entire bundle of Mac Apps is available for just $19 as of now, for just 3 days. And for our blog readers, here is the giveaway –

3 Mac App Bundles to be given away!

What do you need to do to enter –

Subscribe to this blog – 3 entries

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Deadline for the contest –

3 days. i.e. the contest ends on 26th Midnight.

Once you are done with everything above, just comment to this post with the details. You would be added as an entry.

We would hope that you become a loyal reader to our blog, rather than just subscribe for the sake of the contest. The maximum number of points you can collect by doing the above stuff is 10.

The winners would be selected on 27th January, 2011 and your email address would be directly sent to the Appsumo team and they would contact you.

Alternatively, if you feel you might be unlucky, you can purchase the whole lot of Apps through Appsumo, for just $19 for the next 3 days.


  1. Very informative post. Thanks.


  2. Subscribed to both the blogs. Hope to win something here.
    My email is the same as used for commenting.

  3. Senuti sounds like a cool thing for me..:) iLove music! Thanks for sharing buddy..

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