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Mac OS X Dock for WordPress Blogs for Easy Navigation & Style

Mac OS X Dock for WordPress Blogs for Easy Navigation & Style

We had recently written a article on how you can Make WordPress Admin Look Like Mac OS X Leopard and in this article you will come to know about one useful WordPress plugin which is going to give your blog a new special look and style which Mac OS X users are always a fan of. Called as the MacDock […]

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Make WordPress Admin Look Like Mac OS X Leopard

Make WordPress Admin Look Like Mac OS X Leopard

Most Mac users like me are a great fan of the OS X Leopard Operating system and the styles it offers to everyone. Since i blog through the WordPress CMS it would be great if we could convert the WordPress Dashboard look like the Mac OS X Interface and for this there is one readily available WordPress Plugin which once […]

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Secure Browser for Kids – Access to Authorized Webpages

These days parents are moving much more faster in spending money and offering their kids with computers even when they are just 5 years of age and when money is not a issue, they directly opt for MAC based computers because these are not just powerful, beautiful but also are value for money. Hence its important to not offer complete […]

Setup Parental Controls in Mac OS X with limited access to Internet

Setup Parental Controls in Mac OS X with limited access to Internet

Great so you just bought your child a powerful and beautiful Apple computer which could be the MacBook for College or the iMac at home and using this they could connect with their friends Online, Play awesome games, have video & voice chats and lot more. But before you directly give your child whole access to the new computer its […]

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Motorola Droid Review

A phone with a gorgeous display, the Motorola Droid is one of the best phones that I can recommend, having won the Editor’s Choice Award of 2009. A slim handset with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, with a touch screen of 480×854 pixel, the Motorola Droid is the company’s maiden venture into the Android smart phone. With an alliance formed between […]

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Motorola Cliq Review

The Motorola Cliq is a rock solid phone , has an incredibly great design, a brilliant display plus easy to use controls and keyboard. With improvements to the user interface the Cliq has given the Android operating system a big boost. The Motorola Cliq’s promise to deliver social networking is executed wonderfully .Even though it is a little sluggish as […]

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LG Xenon Review

The LG Xenon is a smart phone and combines a touch screen with a awesome sliding QWERTY keyboard into a slim fairytale package. It has HSDPA, stereo Bluetooth, GPS, music and video playback and yet is budget priced. The Xenon has a customizable home screen with widgets, with pages dedicated to favorite contacts and applications. There is also something called […]

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LG Versa Review

The LG Versa is a cell phone of great promise. An attractive touch screen phone, the LG Versa has an animated user interface with options for additional modules.This phone has a lot of potential with a HTML browser, Flash lite support, a 2.0 mega pixel camera,EV-DO, GPS and a music player.In the LG Versa the QWERTY keyboard doubles up as […]

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LG Neon Review

The LG Neon is an attractive phone, with smooth rounded corners, clean lines, When you go shopping for a mobile phone, the satisfaction and needs vary from person to person or rather with the varying categories of people with their varying needs. Overall it is stylish, yet simple, easy to fit into any purse or pocket and easy to handle.The […]

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Samsung Pixon Review

Samsung M8800 is also known as Samsung Pixon and previously referred to as Samsung Bresson. This is a high funda mobile that was released from Samsung in September 2008 for the use of the genY.It uses the TouchWiz interface UI which is a limited operating system. It is one of the world”s first 8 megapixels camera phone. The high end […]

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