How to Backup & Restore Saved Passwords from Firefox browser

Backing up of the passwords is always essential, with not just the accounts but the stuff stored in the browsers too. Firefox being one of the most frequently used browsers, can be vulnerable anytime for attacks, and while you are thinking to shift to any other browser or to a new laptop or computer, the need of shifting passwords is one of the most needed tasks. For Firefox, there is an add-on which would be helping in backing up and restoring those saved passwords – Password Exporter.

You need to download and install the add-on Password Exporter, and after that is done you can see the option of exporting and importing the saved passwords, if you go to the Options of Firefox > Security. The option lies just beside the button of Saved passwords.

firefox password exporter add-on

Click on that option, and a separate dialog box opens with various options of exporting and importing the passwords for the Firefox browser. The exporting of the saved passwords is done to either an XML file or a CSV file. You can even obfuscate the usernames and passwords while exporting, to make the list more secure. Apart from the passwords, the disabled hosts can be imported or exported.

firefox password exporter options

To export the saved passwords of your browser, click on Export Passwords and it would ask you for the location where to save the list of the passwords, and the file format in which the export is to be done. Before the exporting is done, you would see a warning message that the exported passwords could be used nbso online casino reviews by anyone even if they are obfuscated, because the exported file can be imported by anyone else in their browsers and this could be risky.

password exporter notice

password exporter save

Once the exporting is completed, a dialog box would appear saying that the password export is completed, and the number of passwords exported is also indicated.

password exporter success

Once the export is complete, you can use that file to import those passwords into any other computer into the Firefox browser, where you would need to install the Password Exporter add-on for Firefox. Open the same Password Export/Import section and then click on Import Passwords where you need to select the file that has to be imported, and once it is done you would see the notice on the same dialog box when the password importing is completed.

password exporter import complete

Download the Password Exporter Firefox add-on from here.

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