Best Education Apps for Google Chrome Users

chrome webstore logoSeems like Chrome web store is all set to mark its presence even in Education space as with a whole new and refreshing lot of Chrome apps a new wave of dimension can be experienced right on your Internet browser so that you can always shift from education to entertainment just at a click.

So, let’s check out ten most popular and great Education apps:



Encalc LogoFirst and foremost how can we think Education without using a calculator. So, this purpose is solved by Encalc which is a free scientific calculator which is there to un clutter all your complex calculations. Ranging from unit conversions to data analysis to evaluating easy to moderate kind of formulas Encalc can do just everything. Everything above this app comes for FREE.

Spoken Text

Spoken Text

Spoken Text LogoSometimes some texts and spellings are so hard to pronounce that we flip dictionary many times to search for exact pronunciation of the word. So, from now you don’t need to search anywhere or even Google it, as Spoken text has arrived which is simple and a great app add on for your Chrome browser which converts  text to speech/audio, what’s more is you can also record the PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, and web pages, and then you can convert them to speech automatically. Also, it supports English, French, Spanish and German languages.

Tyrannosaurus Prep

TyrannosaurusPrep app

TyrannosaurusPrep LogoPreparing for GRE or SAT then you might have to practice quite a lot in front of books, i guess no as with Tyrannosaurus Prep app for your Chrome browser, you can afford to say good bye to your books. Say hi to this app. All you will need to do is to just sign up and you will be fired with questions which will help you in optimizing your learning.

Pretty Graph

Pretty Graph

Pretty Graph LogoWant to try something else apart from Microsoft Word or even Microsoft Power Point but if you fear that the user interface of a new software tool might be very difficult to understand then give it a thought as with Pretty Graph tool you can create visually appealing presentations and publishing which can be created effortlessly with simple user interface.

Audio flash cards

audio flash cards

audio flash cards logoIf you want to Learn foreign language plus vocabulary online with native speaker audio which supports languages like French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese and more then audio flash cards is the best way to use as this app is now available for Chrome Web store.


phras logoSometimes you may need to find phrases in Google or in some other books or even in some other mediums but what if you can find all phrases all on a single screen then what to say, it’s just fabulous I must say that it’s one of the fastest phrase collector on earth. Since it works in Hebrew too, so it can handle pretty much anything that you throw at it

Google Book

Google Books

Google BookReading gives immense pleasure if the book is found just as you want more preferably if with a single click, here comes an app to rescue you as Google Books is an app which has a collection of more than 3 Million eBooks which can be read on just anything, be it on your Mobile or even on your iPad or on any other gadgets like tab. Right from lively experience like Changing of font to searching within book to night reading mode this gives an ultimate reading experience.



Netcalc logoNetcalc is basically an online graphing calculator using standard evaluation, anti-derivative or derivative and supports most of the mathematical functions. Also, the lists of additional feature list include customizable plot surface, results table, and area & mean calculation. The plot surface can also be exported as a downloadable image which is free to use in papers by taking print out.

Primary Games Arena

Primary games arena

Primary games arena logoEducation in the form of Game is the need of the day for modern kids who wants to rather enjoy digitally while having fun with their education. With 1000+ games learning is more than a fun with education right on the desktop. This application is available for free in the Chrome Web store. Loads of fun at Primary School for 5 to 12 year old, reception & early years, years 1 through to 6



coordinates logoYou might have been well versed with Google Maps but sometimes it can get complicated for kids, so here comes the Coordinates, as with coordinates you can see the photos of the surroundings and also can share the coordinates of a place.

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