24 best extensions for Safari 5 browser – Download all

The Safari 5 browser allows you to add extensions, and this is one of the best features in the latest browser. I had shared a guide on how to install extensions in Safari 5, and the extensions are being made voluntarily by many developers to check how well they merge with the browser. Here is a list of the best extensions for Safari 5 browser right now –

(Below there are links for every extension, but if you want to download all of them at once, here is the Safari 5 extensions pack)

Safari Adblock – Similar to the adblock in Google chrome, the same team has built the ad blocker extension for Safari. The entire ad script is blocked by safari, and the ads are not at all downloaded when this extension is installed. You can download it from here.

Goo.gl shortener – You don’t need to shorten any long URL by visiting the shortener website. Instead the extension helps you shorten the URL of the page you are browsing, just in a single click. Download it here.

Reddit comments – Takes you to the reddit comments for the current page. If the page hasn’t been submitted to reddit, it takes you to the submission page and fills out the details for you. Download from here.

Download from Youtube – Dropdown allows you to download videos, after the video page opens in Youtube. Easy options for downloading videos from Youtube in Safari browser. Download from here.

Snapper – This extension helps in capturing the screenshot of the web page you currently are on, and save the image as PNG file. Download it from here.

Linked images – Searches through the current page for links to images, then embeds the actual image in place of the link. Doesn’t seem to work on pages with more than about 150 linked images. Download from here.

Invisible status bar – Save display space or appeal to your own sense of minimalism by hiding Safari’s native status bar, and using the Invisible Status Bar instead. Only shows up when you hover over a link, i.e. when you need a status bar. Download from here.

safari140 – Twitter extension for Safari, which allows you to tweet from within the browser. Auto-shortening of the long URLs and auto-filling with the current URL in the tweet. Download from here.

Type-To-Navigate – Keep your hands on the keyboard while browsing the web. Type any text that occurs inside a link, and hit return to follow it. ?G jumps to the next link containing the text, and ??G jumps to the previous. Hit ESC to cancel or exit a focused field. Download from here.

Share with Facebook – Places an icon of Facebook right beside the address bar, and lets you share the website you are browsing, with a single click. Download from here.

Gmail Checker – The Gmail Checker extension will give you an icon and badge in your Safari toolbar to show unread messages on your Gmail account. Google apps users still can’t use this, but soon a newer version will help with it. Download from here.

Search Preview – This extension puts preview thumbnails of the websites just beside the search results in the Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Download from here.

Here are the other cool ones –

Reload Button Bring it back!

SafariRestore Restore tabs upon launching Safari (!!!)

FBPhotoZoom Zoom photo thumbnails on mouseover on Facebook

TweetBar Twitter feed bar in Safari

Deanimator Deanimates animated gifs

Send to Tweetie Sends frontmost window to Tweetie

Send to LittleSnapper Takes a screenshot of the current page and sends to LittleSnapper

Full Screen HTML5 Youtube Allows real fullscreen with Youtube’s HTML5 beta

Google Reader Background Tab Pressing ‘v’ opens current item in background tab

Amazon Search Bar Search bar for Amazon.

Instapaper Greystyled & Instapaper Article Tools User style and floating toolbox for Instapaper

Helvetireader Reader Skin for Google Reader

Please comment with more interesting extensions, to add to the list.


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