The 10 Best Features of Apple iOS 7

iOS 7Apple has announced the iOS 7, the most updated and different iOS version since the launch of the iPhone, and it indeed has come up with several new features and upgrades to the various apps. Although many features in any upgrade won’t be making much of a difference, this time Apple has come up with at least 10 changes which are well noticeable and better than the earlier versions. Let’s check out which they mentioned as the best features in the new iOS version.

1. Control Center

Swipe up from the bottom to bring out the most essential settings. Brightness, flashlight, profiles, AirDrop, AirPlay and play music from the Control Center.

2. Multitasking

Multitasking is available now for all the apps. And this is with a good battery life. iOS would provide each app with the frequent activity in the background too.
Intelligent scheduling, Opportunistic updates, Coalesced updates, Adapts to network conditions, and Push triggers.

3. Safari Browser

Safari Browser iOS 7

  • Smart search field, with one-touch access to all the favorites and the frequently accessed URLs.
  • Safari has a new tab interface.
  • Full Screen interface
  • Parental Controls
  • iCloud Keychain
  • Improved bookmarking with the folders and better organizing.

4. AirDrop

AirDrop is the easiest way to share stuff around you. Tap on the photo / file you want to share, and the peer-to-peer sharing would be the fastest and easiest to use.

5. Camera

Video, Photo, Square cropped camera and Panorama
Effects directly from the camera

6. Photos App

The photos in the iOS 7 is organized well based on the locations, and the dates when they were captured. You can check the photos based on the years and they are shown with the locations where you had went during that year. Tap and scrub on that particular year’s photo collection, and you can open that particular photo from there.

Editing a photo with a few features, brush effects etc. is possible through the Photos app.
Sharing of the Photo streams is possible too, through the AirDrop feature.

7. Siri Updated with New Voice

The new voice comes with female and male voices to choose from, with French and German available along with English as of now. There is a sound wave in the bottom while you speak to let you know how Siri hears you.

Integration with Twitter, Wikipedia and the Bing search engine.

8. iOS in the car

This is now going to be very helpful for the users with the integration with the cars, with the list having several brands. You can ask Siri to make a call and the screen in the car would be showing you how Siri follows your commands.

iOS in the Car Siri

9. App Store

  • Age Range in the App Store
  • Apps near me: Based on the current location, the most popular apps would be listed.
  • Automatic updating of the Apps by the App Store.

10. iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio iOS 7

  • A totally new way to discover new music. Built into the Music app, with the Featured Stations, saved My Stations section.
  • Play more songs from this station, never play this song – These are some of the additional features you get to use when you go into the options of a particular song.
  • Works with the iPhone, iPad, iPod, the Apple TV, the iTunes on the Mac.
  • It’s available for free, and if you are using the iTunes Match subscription you would get it ad-free.

Some of the other good features that are going to come in the iOS 7 include the Activation Lock, FaceTime Audio, Message blocking, Per App VPN, Notification Sync, Phone and Facetime Blocking etc.

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