Best Gaming Apps for Google Chrome Users

chrome webstore logoRemember over the years we have shifted gears to the transition when it comes to the Gaming, in the past we used to buy CDs and used to install the same in our computers to play the same but now the time has changed as now right on your Internet browser you can play games. Yes you have read it right, you can now play games right on your Google Chrome browser screen and that too any hassles of installing additional components what sort of ever. Gone are the days when we used to just surf or download from Internet. Isn’t that exciting?

So, let’s check out ten most popular and exciting games:

Real Solitaire

Real Solitaire

Real Solitaire LogoNot just Solitaire, but the real solitaire. Solitaire is the most popular and most loved game all over the world. This one is the ultimate Klondike or in short patience game with beautiful set of visually appealing interface with real sounds and with some great set of exciting features. You will be surprised to hear that this game is entirely powered by the latest HTML 5. With customizations like different play modes you can also choose your favorite backdrop of the play screen. What’s the catch is that even in the absence of the Internet connectivity this game can be played.

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars LogoHere comes the super hero of the games, Mafia Wars, this one has attracted a fair amount of users in facebook. This game is basically an online game which is based on a role playing style and based on the completion of jobs, creating mafias, building property and fighting with other mafia groups is all about this game. This game is absolutely up for playing for free. You will be amazed to hear that more than 25 million are already playing on this. Hey, i am not telling you to head to facebook to play this as you can now play this straight from your Google Chrome, this app can be installed for free from Google Chrome Web store.



wordico logoWordico, it sounds new, yes it’s an all new application which can now be enjoyed on your Google Chrome browser. It’s an addictive crossword game so please be careful as you may tend to play more number of times. This game includes Letter Bomb, Double Trouble, Zig-Zag, and more. The only sad part is that this game is not free one but the silver lining is that you can try the game before you proceed to buy. This game is fully functional one which allows to try all the 10 different games.

WGT Golf Challenge

wtg golf challenge

wtg golf challenge logoLove Playing Golf, but not finding the right place for the same then why to worry when Golf course comes right to your desktop screen and that too without any hard core CDs which requires graphic accelerations and includes lengthy installation procedures. The most economical way to play golf is for free as with WGT Golf Challenge you can play Golf right on your Chrome browser.

International Basketball Manager

International Basketball manager

IBM LogoWhat if you can’t own a team and managed basketball team, know and learn to manage just everything in the world of Basketball with International Basketball manager. This game is basically an online basketball manager game which is a multiple user game and can be played with your fellow friends online. Right from building a team to building a stadium this game also allows you to negotiate TV contracts. To get the best offers you need to stay in touch with the other team managers which is sure to spice up the entertainment.


Farm ville type game has now arrived in Google Chrome browser but with a different concept and with a different fresh name. This game has journeyed from farms to city as this is called as City Ville. Right from starting a ground to literally building up a city by growing crops and supplying goods to eateries, City Ville has it all.

Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima LogoHave you played this, i must say that this game is my personal favorite not because of the fact that this game comes with feature rich graphics all thanks to EA Sports for it but this game brings in that extra pinch of imagination and excitement in the game. This game is basically the strategy oriented game which is sure to tickle your imagination nerve. This game has extensive city building modes and multiple social features from an advanced trading system.

3D Tin

3d tin

3d tin logoWanting a perfect amalgamation of creativity and game then 3D Tin is for you as you can compose models in 3 D space by placing cubes of different colours on the top of each other. With a beautiful set of HTML5 Canvas API and perfect WebGL this game is super visually rich.



Farmville LogoFarmville, one of the famous gaming app of facebook now turns to Google Chrome which allows you to connect with the millions of farmers around the world with one click using Google Apps. It is fast, easy and provides FREE access to your farm, this allows you to connect with your friends too and you can easily share the farm produces. This app too is a free application.

Pac Man

Pac man
Pac Man LogoSome games doesn’t have an age group to play, just like everyones favorite, Pac Man now checks in to Google Chrome’s browser on account of its 30th Anniversary.

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