The 25 Best iPhone Tips for Users & Developers

iphone tips tricksThe Apple iPhone is easy to use, once you start getting into a little touch with the stuff in it and play around with the settings. Still, we have always seen people asking for various stuff through comments and contacting us with small doubts, and we have always tried the best to explain it do get it done in the easiest and an understandable way. We have written several tutorials here, and so below is the list of the best ones that would make things easier for the iPhone users and developers:

We are dividing the list into categories, to make it easier for users to find. The categories include the customization of the interface and applications, the security tips and tips on how you can transfer the data from or to the iPhone and iOS devices, the tips for battery and lost phone tracking, the easy developer options on how you can enter and exit the few developer modes while trying to unlock the iPhone, and a few other tips that can come handy anytime for the users.

Customizing the Interface and Apps

How to Reverse or Invert Colors on your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

The tip shows you how you can invert the colors on your iPhone or the other iOS devices like the iPad and the iPod touch, just like what we see in the Mac OS, using the keyboard shortcuts. Nothing very hard to do, as it is an accessibility option using which, one would check whether all the screen pixels are working.

How to create a folder in iPhone
Maintaining the applications in various folders is what would make things easier for people. Apps for games, networking, entertainment, communication etc. spread around in multiple pages would keep the users searching for them. Managing in folders is easy, and the tutorial explains how to create those folders.

How to hide iPhone apps
Privacy with the applications is sometimes needed, and users would want to hide a few apps from people to check when they are checking the iPhone. The tutorial explains how you can hide any applications in the iPhone.

How to Install Windows 7 theme on the iPhone & Install Windows 7 on your iPhone
Installing the various themes and interfaces is what makes the iPhone interface more interesting and different in looks. The 2 above tutorials share how you can install the themes of Windows 7 on your iPhone or iOS device.

How to Install Android on your iPhone & Install Android 2.2.1 without using Computer
Android is the next best OS in the smartphone market right now, and the iOS users would never feel sad if they see the Android being ported into their iPhone, but as that is not practically possible we have showed tutorials on how you can have an interface that at least match the OS that we see in the Android phones.

iphone android

How to stop or remove downloading / installing app in iPhone
While you are downloading the app on the iPhone, if at all, you want to stop the downloading app or the one that is installing, you can do that. It is quite a very simple and easy few-step process, and you don’t need to wait for the app to download and install completely.

Tips on Saving Your iPhone From Switching Off on Low Battery
You are traveling and the iPhone is on low battery, and you are unsure of when the phone would switch off. There are a few options in the iPhone, setting up which you can save the iPhone from getting switched off even when it is on low battery.

How to capture Panoramic photographs using an iPhone
Capturing normal photographs from the iPhone camera is very easy, and no much options are available with it. There are a few apps that would make the imaging better, and just like the Samsung Android phones, you can capture Panoramic photographs in the iPhone too using the trick.

Data Transfer, Security and Personalization

iphone security

How to Transfer data from Android, Blackberry phones to iPhone
When you are shifting to an iPhone from your old Android or Blackberry phone, you would want all the personal data to be transferred to the new phone. In the tutorial, you would see the ways on how you can transfer the data from the Android and Blackberry devices to the Apple iPhone.

How to transfer data from an old iPhone 4 to new iPhone 4
Transferring data from an iPhone to the other is not that easy as one thinks, because there is no direct wireless option for that. But there are ways on the computer, using which you can transfer the data from your old version of iPhone to the new iPhone 4.

How to Undo things like Cutting, Deleting, Pasting Text etc. in iPhone
Simple tip but worth it. Whenever you cut or delete or paste the text that you are typing, you can undo that with the simple trick shared in the article.

How to use the iPhone Voice Control App
Voice Control app in the iPhone that comes handy in various functions like making calls, managing media and playing them etc. The tutorial explains how you can make the full use of the Voice Control app in your iPhone and iOS device.

How to transfer Evernote Data to computer without Internet
Evernote is a note taking app for the iPhone and various other devices and even for computers and the web. Whenever you take down notes in the Evernote app in your iPhone, transferring or syncing needed an active internet connection. But using this trick, you could transfer the same data to the computer without having to be connected to the internet.

How to secure your iPhone – Save personal info
The tutorial shares on how you can keep your personal information on the iPhone safe from being used for wrong purpose by other.

How to backup SMS in iPhone
The tutorial explains how one can backup the SMS messages they have in the inbox. People usually backup the stuff before they try upgrading the OS version or do some developer stuff, so this guide would come handy if they don’t want to lose their SMSes.

How to encrypt iPhone Backup
Whenever you backup and iPhone, the data is open for normal usage and anyone else can restore their phone using your backup so they get your personal information. The tutorial explains how you can encrypt the backup and make it password protected, so that only you can use the backup for restoring.

How to track a stolen or lost iPhone
There are many ways one can try to track their stolen iPhone but we haven’t tried all of them. One of them that actually works for the iPhone users, is what we share in the above linked tutorial.

Developer Options and Tips

iphone dfu mode

How to Enter and Exit Recovery Mode in iPhone
Recovery Mode is one of the modes in the iPhone where the phone can be used to do some stuff like jailbreaking etc. The tutorial explains how you can enter or exit the recovery mode in your iPhone.

How to Enter DFU Mode in iPhone?
DFU is the Device Firmware Update mode in the iPhone and other iOS devices. It is a mode that the devices need to enter while updating the phone. In the tutorial we explain how one can enter the DFU mode in the iPhone for the update process.

How to remove Jailbreak on your iPhone iPod and all iOS devices
Jailbreaking is one of the best methods to make your iPhone more customizable and with that, several apps can be installed which are not seen on the App store. But most of the users don’t like jailbroken devices, as Apple too doesn’t like it. The tutorial explains how you can remove the jailbreak from the iPhone or the other iOS devices.

SMS and Call Settings and Customization

How to Automatically Reply to SMS in iPhone & Auto Answer Calls on the iPhone
Automation helps a lot when you are busy and can’t do the stuff like SMS’ing, calling etc. The above 2 tutorials show you how you can auto reply to the SMS you receive, or auto answer any calls when you are busy.

How to send a group SMS from an iPhone
Sending SMS messages in a group, i.e. to a group of people is normally helpful when you want to pass a message to many friends of yours. Sending individual messages, copying and pasting the same stuff again and again wastes the time too. So, the tutorial explains how you can send a group SMS from your iPhone.

How to set any song or mp3 file as ringtone in iPhone
iPhone has ringtones section with files with a specific file format which acts as the ringtones. But using the tutorial we shared, you can have your songs or mp3 files as ringtones in your iPhone.

How to create iPhone ringtones for Free from iTunes
For those who still want to have something set permanently by making a ringtone from the file you want, its better to use the iTunes and create the ringtones by setting the time and creating the iPhone ringtone version of the same file.


  1. For those who still want to have something set permanently by making a ringtone from the file you want, its better to use the iTunes and create the ringtones by setting the time and creating the iPhone ringtone version of the same file.

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