Best Lifestyle Apps for Google Chrome Users

chrome webstore logoLifestyle is a very important aspect of our life and how can that be away from the latest Google Chrome Webstore. So let’s check out how you can catch hold of all the latest on lifestyle and its happenings right on your desktop and that too with a total control in your fingers. Right from shopping to the travel we will check out the top apps which will address all your lifestyle needs.

So, let’s check out ten most popular and exciting Lifestyle applications for your Google Chrome browser:

eBay deals


ebay logoBe it in office or on the move or even at home never miss any deal with the eBay Deals Google Chrome application. With the help of mouse and keyboard you can order the latest lifestyle products at the comfort of your desktop. This application is for free. Once you like the deal and the product go ahead to shop the same. Be it the latest electronic gadgets or even the latest in the apparels this has it all.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor LogoWhenever we plan a trip we would love it if its planned so as to avoid the last moment planning so that we can make the most of our outing. For a perfect trip the ingredients are opinions, maps, photos and forums which can answer almost all questions of yours. So, here’s an app which takes care of all and all you need to have these is just download and install this Trip Advisor application which is free from Google Chrome web store.

Autodesk Home Styler

Autodesk Homestyler
Autodesk Homestyler LogoInterior designer sometimes becomes a very costly affair if you want to design your home as per your style and imagination. What if i tell you that all your imagination can be translated into a project with the help of a simple software tool called Autodesk Home style free online tool and that too in your Google Chrome Web store. Right from planning floor plans, decoration with real products, visualizing design options, experiencing new space you can see your designs in 2D as well as in 3D. On top of it this software tool is absolutely free of cost.



Walmart LogoYour neighborhood store just got more nearer to you as the web version of Walmart just arrived in the Google Web store so that you can download and install the same in your Chrome browser. No additional tools and no additional headaches, just install and you are ready to know the everyday low price with just a click. This promises to bring a whole new web shopping experience.

Delta Embark

Delta Embark
Delta Embark LogoDelta Embark is an app which is basically created by Delta Airlines is an online travel guide which is optimized for the Google Chrome. This app gives info about dining, nightlife, shopping, bucket list, calendar and insider on most prominent locations.

Casper Cloud OS X

casper os x

casper os x logoCasper Cloud OS X is a yet another Lifestyle application which provides visually rich experience where you could feel that you are on Mac in your Chrome! This is a great OS integrated with HTML5 and CSS3 to give you the most out of your computer. This app can be downloaded from Google Chrome Web store for free.



TripTrace LogoTrip trace organizes all the important places which you’ve been or think you might want to visit; perfect for local exploration or vacation planning. With a simple and engaging experience, Trip Trace basically merges all the photos, events, and news with your personal address book, check-ins, bookmarked web pages and many more. This app is sure to please you with all the travel related information.



Hipmunk LogoThere are lot of flight search tools but hardly there’s any tool which can provide you with the flight as quickly as possible. This becomes possible with the help of Calendar view, time sliders, hiding bad flights and with the multiple tabs you can just go through every single detail so that your lifestyle doesn’t take a pause because of a silly reason and that too of a travel which generally gets boring if it’s not well planned.



Bible 1 logoWith a free Bible Reader and with fully formatted text you can navigate by book, topic, passage, search and more this sacred Bible app comes for free and is optimized for the Chrome desktop screen. This app can be installed from the Google Chrome Webstore. This app also comes with smart search features so that you can go directly to the page which you wish to. This Bible comes in many English, Espanol and in Chinese versions.

Amazon Window Shop

Amazon Window Shop
Amazon logoThe Amazon Window shop App is an interactive new way to choose and shop from Amazon’s millions of items. From different categories to choose from including books, music, electronics, garments, games the list goes endless. Just you need to use your account and all items will can be saved in Amazon’s wish list. Also, you can see all details along with product description so that buying becomes much more simpler.


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