Best Productivity Apps for Google Chrome Users

Google Webstore Logo NewRecently, Google has launched an all new app store in the form of Google Webstore. So, now let”s check out some of the best and must have apps which will make your Web surfing exciting.

So, let”s check out ten most popular and great communication apps:

Tweet Deck

TweetDeck Google Chrome App

TweetdeckWith Tweetdeck you can not only manage your tweets but also can also manage your facebook account. You can also Geo tag photos, shorten url links, insert photos with almost just a click. This is in short a Social power house.


Hootsuite Snapshot

Hootsuite LogoWith Hootsuite too you can manage your facebook account plus a twitter account just like Tweetdeck but this app not only allows you to publish the updates but also allows you to track, manage and analyze the results across both the platforms.



Weebly LogoIf you have ever thought that creating or designing a website is a very tough one then give it a thought as Weebly is here to make your work simple by allowing you to create a free website or a blog in just a simple drag and drop manner by which you can create a website within a matter of few minutes.



eBuddy LogoeBuddy is a very popular client for smart phones but with the arrival of Google Webstore, eBuddy is also now available along with Chrome browser. Basically, with eBuddy features an instant messenger for almost all chat clients like Google Talk, MSN, AIM, facebook chat and also My Space.



SlideRocketCreating online presentations was always a headache as it always required you to either pay for or register to get good presentation slides but with SlideRocket you can create stunning presentations with an excellent set online casino canada of background and colour sets, not only that you can also record audio and can insert the same on to the presentation very easily and also can add video from your library or even can add video from You Tube.

Yoono Web


Yonno LogoYoono too is a very powerful application like eBuddy but its one step ahead if compared as this app simplifies the social networking to the core by integrating all famous socio apps like facebook, Linked IN, You Tube, My Space, Flickr, Four Square, Yahoo, AIM into one solid app named Yoono web which can be pushed into your Chrome browser.

Android Push Contacts

Android Push contacts

AndroidWith Android becoming the new blockbuster how can an Android related app be out of this list, Android Push Contacts which basically allows you to add contacts or even send SMS from the browser to your Android phone.This technology is possible with Android”s technology by which C2DM is pushed in the form of messages to the Android devices.

Joke Stop


Joke stop logoHow can you keep humor out of communication and with a systematic and standard app this is sure to be everyone”s favorite. Be it family, dinner, party, speech or need to entertain your friends, this app is sure to add some joy to your busy life.

facebook app

facebook app window

unofficial facebook logoThough this app is not an official app from facebook but trust me this app is just awesome just for a simple reason to start with is the shortcut and then rest with an all new interface which is just an extension to the visual simple delight.

Imo Messenger

imo messenger

imo chatImo instant messenger is another great messenger with which you can chat with your friends on Skype, Windows Live / MSN, Facebook, Yahoo IM, AIM, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ, and also on My Space and that too with a simple interface.

So the apps which are mentioned above are there to ease out your communication needs by converging many social apps into just one.

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