Top 5 Sports Apps for Indian Fans [Android]

Not everyone shows interest in playing games, or some professional sports. But that doesn’t limit them from checking out the latest happenings in the world of sports. And with sports, we don’t mean Cricket. It is a known fact that Cricket is one of the highly followed game in the country, but there are a lot of fans for other sports as well, that includes Badminton, Tennis, Kabaddi, and Football among others.

Keeping up with the live scores and news of different sports isn’t easy on the go, unless one uses some apps for the same. Android being one of the highly used operating system, we focus on some of the best apps that you can use to browse the news and scores of different sports, not limiting to one.

1. SportsKeeda

Sportskeeda Android App 1 Sportskeeda Android App 2 Sportskeeda Android App 3

This app is quite customizable, i.e. you can choose which sports to follow. Usually for a complete sports app, there is one drawback that you are presented with news and updates of sports you aren’t keen to follow, but here, that is quite well solved. Uncluttered and with push notifications letting you know about the important updates, the Sportskeeda app also features a social feed whenever there is a big sport event happening around.

Download Sportskeeda for Android

2. ESPNCricinfo

ESPNCricinfo Android App ESPNCricinfo Android App 2 ESPNCricinfo Android App 3

Strictly for cricket lovers, if you don’t have any interest in the other sports. But then, you might not be reading this list if you are a sole cricket fan. The reason for me mentioning ESPNcricinfo in this list, is that this app is for hardcore cricket fans who would want deep and detailed analysis of matches and players involved.

Download ESPNCricinfo for Android


ESPN Android App 1 ESPN Android App 2 ESPN Android App 3

ESPN is a very furnished and good app letting the users get scores from different sports, but the problem with this is, you don’t see cricket in the list of sports. For that, the Cricinfo app has to be downloaded. The live scoring, news, and all the latest updates from different sports are available in different tabs.

Download ESPN for Android

4. Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo Sports Android App 1 Yahoo Sports Android App 2 Yahoo Sports Android App 3

This is a dark themed simple app reporting all kinds of sports, and although it looks good enough, the sports look is missing. The app is quite informative, with the live scores arranged by dates, and schedules available for almost all the important sports.

Download Yahoo! Sports for Android

5. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz Android 1 Cricbuzz Android 2 Cricbuzz Android 3

Another cricket related app with good information around cricket, but again you are limited to one sport. Having multiple sports is what you might not want always, but for a hardcore fan of the game of cricket, Cricbuzz is a worthy app to have.

Download Cricbuzz for Android

Are you using any app for following sports updates on your Android phone? share with us if you don’t see it in our list.

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