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Part 2 – Best tools to build a good web directory

A web directory basically requires a perfect script, some good mods which can be integrated to make the directory function better, a good and unique directory design. These three things are the basic requirements to start off building a well established web directory.
I thought is might be good if i could share my favorite tools to use and make a good directory.
Note: This is my personal opinion post, so not listing all the scripts, templates etc. Just posting the one’s that i like.

The best script for a general web directory –
Phplinkdirectory is one of the best scripts for making a web directory, and is easy to setup. Has URL rewrite option, by which the URL’s of categories become SEO friendly, good admin panel and there are lots of templates available for free, and also unique template designers too.
It comes with 2 versions, and 3 payment options.
2x version and 3x version. 2x version is free to download and use. 3x version costs $25 for the script for a single directory including a linkback to the phpld site. There is a $75 version where you can remove the linkback and make the script completely premium and unique for you.

Other scripts which i tried but didn’t find upto expectations are –
Esyndicat, Phpmydirectory, Site-Sift Script, WSN Links, phpLynx, qlWeb script.

Now coming to the Mods, every script has many mods which makes the usability and user-friendliness of the directory better. Most popular are the deep links mod, news feed mod etc.

Designs for web directory – As i have suggested phplinkdirectory script here are a few good sites where you can get free phpld related themes for download, the free ones which have sponsored links in bottom, and you have to retain those links.

If you are using any other script which i mentioned above, then you can check these –
Phplynx themes – http://www.mihocreations.com/phplynx.html
Site-sift templates – http://www.site-sift-templates.com/

If you need more information or suggestions about the web directory tools, just comment here and i would try to help you out.


  1. Which mods you will recommend ?

    Tech blogs last blog post..SEO needs under one roof – SubmitEdge

  2. Tech blog, I might have a post about that tomorrow probably 🙂
    Thanks for asking.

  3. You’ve never tried the full version of phpmydirectory, phpLynx and probably the same with most others. If you have then give me your username and I would gladly apologize to you after checking with them dude.

    coming out with trash that phpld is the best is bad and misleads people. Why don’t you mention how virtually every phpld directory has been penalized, also how is it people talk up a script that has less out of the box features than 99% of other scripts?

    C’mon dude, quite talking crap and quit telling tales, if you’d really tried other scripts no way would you have said what you said.

    Just another bullshit over promotion of one of the WORST scripts out.

    Bet ya won’t post this.


  4. Event King,

    I appreciate your views on Phpld and i still can’t agree with the fact that the script is responsible for penalization of directories.

    As i said, one of my directories run still well and rank good in search engines.. and is running on phpld. So where’s the point of penalization?

    Also, i checked phpmydirectory and its admin panel which is not at all as good as what phpld backend is. I don’t have any bad opinions on other scripts but phpld has been the best for me and so i am on my point.

  5. I want to set up a niche web directory, as per your suggestion i will go for Phplinkdirectory.
    Which mods do you suggest?
    Your articles are excellent, they clarified all my doubts, helped me in taking a final decision on web directory project.

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