What is Black Friday 2014? Why it is Important for Retailers?

The Friday followed by Thanksgiving in United States is known as Black Friday. This usually falls in the month of November and is popular as a shopping day for many reasons. It un-officially marks the start of Christmas season and taking advantage of this opportunity, retail stores and malls offer various deals and discounts, in order to increase their sales. So this makes Black Friday popular among shoppers, as the Christmas season is approaching, thousands of people roam markets and stores for buying presents and other stuff. Black Friday 2014 offers them huge discounts and thus the sales go up every year during this event.

Black Friday 2014

When is Black Friday 2014?

As I said earlier, Black Friday falls on the Friday following the Thanksgiving in United States of America, so as Thanksgiving this year is on November 27, which is Thursday, that means Black Friday will be on November 28

Why Black Friday is Important for Retailers?

There are many reasons which make Black Friday an Important occasion for retail stores, shopping malls, online stores and other shopping outlets. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

1. Christmas is approaching

Christmas is the festival when people share presents, gifts, chocolates and other sweets among their loved ones, it is the festival of happiness. As Black Friday falls just before the start of December, it unofficially marks the start of Christmas season and since the discounts on this day are highest, people prefer shopping for Christmas on this day, in order to save some bucks. The number of people shopping on this day is very high, so retail stores and shopping malls come up with amazing discounts, just to take the advantage of this opportunity.

2. Start of New Year

Black Friday also unofficially marks the beginning of New Year, as the New Year is also the part of the Christmas week, this gives Black Friday another reason of joy. This further increases the number of shoppers. People shopping on Black Friday, buy stuff keeping two events in mind, which is Christmas and New Year. Another reasons is, as the New Year is going to start, retail stores have to close previous year account and start a fresh one for New Year. Black Friday is a secret last weapon for retail stores to kick off their sales during last month, this helps them clear their stocks, that’s the reason you’ll see high number of clearance sales during this time.

3. Highest Numbers of Sales Recorded

If you see back in history, Black Friday has recorded huge number of sales in past years. This made Black Friday as important event for companies and stores as their sales go up during this day. For millions of people, Black Friday is the day of serious shopping- This made Black Friday as an official Shopping day of the year. Not only this, Black Friday has a very big hand in the growing US economy. According to the survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF) – around 150 million people will spend approximately $50 billion during Black Friday, so this proves why Black Friday has important significance on US Economy.

4. 24 Hours – Lowest prices

On this day you’ll see huge crowd out in markets for shopping. People stay well prepared to take advantage of this opportunity. Some past surveys claim that Americans wait for this day, for buying expensive goods and big products like TVs, Home Appliances; something which lasts long. As Black Friday offers huge discounts, people wait yearlong just to avail them. For Americans, this is the day when they seriously do shopping. Black Friday is a 24 hour event, many time you’ll see people up all night shopping just to avail this opportunity. For them it’s like loot, they shop like it’s never going to happen again and this fills the pockets of retailers a pile higher than they ever dreamt the whole year.

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A day before you’ll start seeing people camping outside stores, standing in long queues and waiting for the sun to rise, so that they can take advantage of this golden opportunity before it vanishes.

The above points explain why Black Friday 2014 is Important for retailers as well as shoppers, both of them get benefits from this event. Shoppers are happy because of huge discounts and deals, Retailers are happy because of increased sales, so this is a Win-Win situation for both of them. I hope this article was interesting, please give us your feedback.

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