Blackberry Storm 2 Review

Mobiles in any form with all the latest high technical tones is always welcome especially among this gen. The look, feel and of course its features with battery lasting well …. All these definitely have a positive impact.

The Blackberry chain of Smartphones were conventionally for the business class thus called as business phones. This was it till lately that a new kinda phone came in like a hurricane the Storm. The Blackberry Storm is the first touch facilitated Blackberry phone, with large high tenacity screen, can be connected to other network better than most of the other phones and gives you a feeling of playing the keys on the touch screen. Nevertheless there has to be someone who thinks that a touch screen does have its problems while typing or hitting other keys. Errors are sometimes inexorable.

Come on now; lets not dwell on the negativity of this awesome phone. Since messaging is the most important aspect it forms an integral part of any phone. There were issues that have been rectified to give impress upon people to give a phone; thus Storm 2. The market with Blackberry Storm 2, 9550 and 9520 can be used depending on the network facility accessible in different zones. With the new features and touch facility improved, with Wi-Fi and Blackberry OS 5.0, this is sure to be a hit.

Look wise, the handset is almost matching to Storm 1, with a 480×320 3.25-inch SurePress touchscreen. Weighing at 5.64oz, there is no way we can control or navigate, only four touch buttons to Send, check Menu, Back and End which are positioned at the base of the touchscreen. The Storm2 is marketed with BlackBerry operating system 5, the latest version of the BlackBerry smartphone operating system. SurePress makes key in on the smartphone’s keyboard a lot easier, more comfortable and perfect.

This can be yours for Rs. 31,990. The Storm2 has a 3.2 inch display with a 360 x 480 resolution. It takes pride in typing and improved faster JavaScript and CSS processing together with espousal for Gears and BlackBerry Widgets. Those who run the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 will have facility to set follow-up Flags on the handset like its done on Microsoft’s Outlook Express, it can also Manage email folders like Add, Rename, Move or Delete on the handset. Save, View, Edit, and Email documents from remote file shares, forward schedules and view calendar attachments on the handset, gain from wireless sync enhancement for contacts, personal Distribution Lists.

Apart from the above features Blackberry Storm2 has 3.2 MP digital camera with LED flash and has great autofocus that makes it easy for emergency photo taking, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 with a2Dp, accelerometer, 3.25 inch TFT touch screen display with 360 x 480 pixels and 65K color support, 3.5 mm audio jack, 2GB internal that can extend to 16GB, GPRS, EDE, GPS It has got a web browser, media player which is another important neccesity, document editor, long lasting 1400mAh battery and MicroUSB connectivity .

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