How to Block calls and messages on Android Phone

Anything can annoy someone using the smartphone for a specific purposes. Calls and messages too, especially from the promotional companies who call you at the wrong times. This gets more annoying when the same company and phone number repeatedly call you. There are many ways to block the calls in different operating systems, but for Android you need to be selective. There are quite few apps, from which the best one would be the Norton smartphone security feature which helps you block the call and text messages from certain numbers, and you can also block any random call that isn’t from someone in your contact list.

The Norton smartphone security comes with different sections of security (includes the remote phone management), one of which is the call blocking feature. Here is how you can block the calls and messages on the Android phone –
Download the Norton security app from the Android market, and in the home screen on the app, you would see the option of Call Blocking apart from the other ones. Open the Call blocking section and the blacklist screen appears, where you need to add the numbers in the blacklist.
norton smartphone security norton call blocking

Add the phone numbers which you want to block, by selecting the same from the contacts, the call log, SMS log or by directly inputting the number. And the option to block either the call or SMS, or both of them can be set from here. After you have added the number, they appear in the call blacklist, with the information on whether the call/SMS is blocked from that number.
norton call blocking add numbers norton call block blacklist

The block feature just doesn’t block the calls and SMS, but also lets you know when the caller had tried to connect to you. There is a call log which shows you all the information of the time when the particular blocked number tried to call you, or sent an SMS. The settings help in common function of enabling or disabling the call/SMS blocking and enabling the showing of unknown calls.
norton call block log norton call blocking settings

The call blocking feature of Norton smartphone security is one of the best and easiest ways to keep yourself away from the annoying callers, and that doesn’t need to get installed separately, but comes along with the amazing anti-malware and remote management functions of the Norton app.


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