Blogging seriousness can drive you into serious medical conditions

I was trying to find articles related to health of bloggers, who had benefits or fatal conditons due to blogging and its related activities. In the NY Times i read an article a couple days back which sighted that blogging kills(although nothing is proved to the fact). The article had just linked blogger’s deaths cause to their blogging activities.

I could not agree to any part of the article, as death has never happened(and hope never happens) due to blogging. But it is true that blogging can be addictive and lead to a few consequences –

1. Insomnia – Many controversial bloggers who normally read and comment on other blogs, generally the political ones get prone to this condition very easily. Frequent contest participants also can get affected by this. Insomnia medically means “Sleep Disturbance”. Sometimes there are cases seen when people say they are not able to have proper sleep and get weird dreams, which are related to internet. Sometimes they cursed by other bloggers(though in dreams).

2. Addiction – Are you addicted to alcohol? or Tobacco? Don’t worry, bloggers are going to join you with a symptom called Blogging addiction. Some bloggers make blogs as their life partners and act as if they can’t spend their life or a few days without blogging. Once addicted, problems like tensions, self-talking, loneliness etc. are seen if a blogger is far from blogging for a considerable amount of time. So be away from being addicted.

3. Obesity – Professional and full time bloggers spend most of their time sitting at a single place in front of their blogging machines(may be PCs, laptops or anything) and have some or the other food material along with them. Most of this is junk food that increases the oily content in the body and cause obesity. Please don’t be too lazy sitting always on the same place, spend some time for fitness of your body too.

Now, lets list out some precautions that you have to follow, and which may prevent you from falling into the above conditions –

1. Reduce brain stress – Everything happens on the web and blogosphere. And rarely some factors affect your offline life too. So try to reduce the stress on your brain. Keeping your eyes focused on the screen for a long time, will affect your eyes, indirectly your brain too.

2. Water, an essential intake – Maintain your diet along with correct water intake. This helps in maintianing your body fluid levels and also salt balance is also maintained.

3. Lessen your junk food intake – Yea its normal for bloggers and internet users to have their mouth munching with junk and oily food, which as already said, leads to many problems. So try as much to decrease the junk food intake and rely more on natural food.

4. Don’t hold your seat for long – Don’t be sitting continuosly in a single place. Walk for some time, this will have two advantages – Firstly you make your body parts and muscles active, preventing accumulation of fluids at a place, and secondly this makes your mind diverted atleast for some time.

5. Don’t forget to sleep – Some bloggers who try to gain the most from their blogs, or who just love blogging, keep themselves most of the time online and keep blogging, and sleep for very less time. Don’t disturb your bodily rythms, take a nap for sometime or sleep regularly.

These points would surely help you out with your blogging health 🙂 Hope these help bloggers out for those who have health problems or those who don’t care of their health while being online.


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