Bluebird – A twitter client for Mac OS X

Tweetdeck and Twhirl are always the best twitter clients but they run when you have Adobe Air app with you in both Mac and Windows. But for Mac, here is a twitter client – Bluebird

Bluebird is an awesome app for mac users with some amazing features that would make it one of the best clients for mac twitter. It has all the features for multiple users, amazing themes, and better twitter experience. Its an independent app and doesn’t require adobe air to run.

Here are a few features of Bluebird –
Various options in the preferences section like Hiding the application when not active, open links in background, make bluebird active when the new tweets arrive. And you can set the time interval for the shortening of URLs. Shortening of the URLs automatically, initiation of the tweet with some @ symbol when replying to someone etc.

bluebird twitter app preferences

Various themes which you can use and install new ones too – A couple are shown in the pics below –

bluebird app ichat theme bluebird replies

DM conversations – The direct messages are listed with accordance to users and they appear as conversations between them. It appears as a private chat between both the users. The below picture can explain more –

bluebird dm options

Various options for a tweet – There are many options for a tweet in your timeline, like Replying to it, Retweeting it, Adding to favorites, getting the permalink of the tweet, direct message the user, open the twitter page or the web page of the twitter user. These options appear beside every tweet on your timeline in the main window of Bluebird app.

bluebird tweet options

There are various other options like sound settings on twitter new tweets loading, and also you can search for members, and check the complete profiles, conversations with them etc. in a separate window away from the main one.

You can download the Bluebird app from here. [Alternate Download Link]


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