The 6 Best Business Smartphone Accessories for Frequent Travelers

Smartphones are much more than just fancy looking phones. They provide solutions to all your problems on the go. They make you able to fulfill all your computing needs almost from anywhere. These smartphones don’t just make our life easier but more productive too and so they have become a must for anyone who is involved in any kind of business. They keep you connected with your clients, colleagues, vendors and your friends and family too.

Smartphones have become smarter. Now you can focus more on your work than keeping care of your phone and having it held to your ear. Here we have listed some top business accessories for your smartphone to make sure you are productive on the go.

Data Storage Cards – microSD cards

Microsd card box

Data Storage is an important issue for any professional person. These cards provide you more storage space for your stuff and having more memory isn’t a bad idea. Nowadays, all the smartphones have memory-card slots and these microSD cards are easily available in the market. You can easily get a 2 GB or 4GB card for as low as $10 (Rs.280 –approx.). If you need even more space then you can buy a 16 GB card for under $50 USD. When you have got a bag along with you always, taking a small box with all the MicroSD cards and the adapters stored together would be a wise option.

Bluetooth speakerphones

Bluetooth Speakerphone

If you need to attend phone calls frequently then having a Bluetooth speaker is a great idea. This device will make you capable of attending phone calls without having to take out the phone from your pocket. You can receive phone calls, listen to music and control your phone over voice command with this little device. You can even synchronize such devices with your GPS and receive directional instructions while driving.

Car Mount for easier GPS navigation

Car Mount for GPS navigation

Our smartphone also acts as a GPS system and we use it to get directions while going to a new place for business meetings. So, instead of driving with one hand and holding your phone in another hand to get navigation information, you can buy this simple car mount for your phone and keep it on your dashboard for easy reference. This device allows you to keep your both hands on the car steering and drive safely.

Handy Travel Charger

Portable Travel Charger

This one is an important thing to have if you travel from place to place with your smartphone. It’s easy to drain your phone’s battery while traveling and so you need to keep this with you while on the move. You can easily carry this device inside a travel bag without taking a lot of space. This device is an alternative when you are out off main power supply and so it acts as an emergency charger too. If you don’t have a phone charger in your car (which is also very useful) or you are away from your car then you can rely on this hand-crank charge to charge your phone battery on the go.

Vibrating belt clip for alerts

Vibrating Belt Clip for Mobiles

These Bluetooth enabled devices get attached with any smartphone easily and they are very useful during a business meeting where you need to keep your phone on vibration mode. But keeping your phone on vibration mode can easily drain the phone’s battery. In that case, these vibrating clips prove to be very helpful as they notify you about incoming calls without putting much pressure on your phone battery.

Antenna Booster


You can reach many unexpected places on business trips where you have low network coverage. Don’t let it become a wall between you and your business. Use an Antenna Booster to enhance the signal strength by up to 5 times the original strength.
Asking your clients to repeat their words again and again is a bad thing and looks very unprofessional. You can use the Antenna Booster to lower the breaking up of phone calls and receive clear sound and look even more professional.

So, here were some interesting and useful smartphone accessories that make your professional life easy and productive. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Tell us what you think about these business accessories for your smartphone in the comment section below. These are all the ones which would be mostly useful for traveling, but for those who are looking for a good set of health accessories, the latest Samsung smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming with them.

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