[How to] Capture the best Modeling / Fashion Photos using your Apple iPhone

Capturing pictures from your smartphone always doesn’t bring out some of the best quality captures but there are many ways on how you can capture better pictures than you do normally. And when it comes to a niche, like fashion photography, nature photography, wildlife photography the smartphone cameras are not what you should really look for. But for someone out of options and having just an Apple iPhone in his pocket, here’s how to still not totally reject the idea of taking pictures of models in a better way.

The iPhone camera can be called one of the best to fit into the pocket, and here’s how you can take the full advantage of it to create the best shot while capturing a model.

Model Photography

This photo was not captured using an iPhone, but does display the background which would be appropriate when capturing models using an iPhone. Photo captured by Lorenzo.


The location has to be selected and it cannot be just another normal place where you take the casual photos. Some place which looks very much interesting and different than the regular places that are covered in most of the pictures, would look more appropriate. One of the main things to remember is that you need to remove anything that looks brighter than the attire worn by the model. Let the background have natural stuff, like the trees and should not have any high objects around whose shadow can affect the light.


This is what the photographer cannot do much about, but the model has to know which are the poses that could look the best when there’s no extra light source, when the background is not artificially made and when these captured pictures aren’t going to be edited. Taking photos through an iPhone would still be a still photography, so the model has to be well aware of this and not shake a lot when the photos are being captured, and until being prompted by the photographer.


Try to take the full advantage of the natural lighting, but sometimes if there’s no much direct light available you can try to get some reflected one by making the model stand opposite to a high rising building if around, or have the model stand far from any wall behind as the nearer wall would make the model look darker. Model photography is all about capturing the right areas at the right amount of light availability, so if there’s no adequate light available then you better concentrate on areas like the back around the hair, and the photo has to be taken at an angle where the shadow doesn’t fall in the picture.


Just like any smartphone camera, the iPhone camera app too has a few settings and one of them is the HDR which would produce higher quality pictures but it takes a few seconds for the processing and saving of the picture, thus won’t be much helpful as it’s not an object but a model who would be changing poses and a faster capture speed is needed.


For someone like me who would rely more on photography than the post-capture processing and editing, I would not try to edit these pictures in the heavy processing softwares like Adobe Photoshop, as the quality is not great when compared to the DSLR captures, thus you would be deteriorating the quality further. There are several apps for the iPhone available on the iTunes store which would allow you to capture the photos with some colors and effects directly integrated while you are capturing the picture.

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