Best Cases & Covers for the Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Smartphone

The cases and covers for a smartphone are quite necessary to provide some protection from falls, scratches and dust, while not being too heavy, and providing some extra advantage such as acting like a wallet, a kick stand or anything else. Below, we have listed some of the best cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500, which are actually quite fitting for all the variants of the S4 device. These are selected based on the user reviews as well as the ones which are available as the best offers.

Best Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 White

Spigen SGP Case for Samsung Galaxy S4SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Slim

The slim case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Spigen SGP is an perfectly fitting case that has an matte outer finish and that”s the soft matte, with a urethane coating which helps in preventing any discoloration that could occur on the case. The case comes in two versions – one with a smooth matte finish and the other SF coated one which is non-slipping, giving a rubbery feel. The properties of polycarbonate material include durability, lightweight, and non-toxic qualities.

The case comes in several colors, which include crystal clear, tangerine tango, white and black. It is available for the price of $7.99 on Amazon while the actual price is $25.


Caseology Samsung Galaxy S4 CaseCaseology Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case

This case for the Galaxy S4 from Caseology is compatible with all the versions of the Galaxy S4, i.e. the variant for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and the International variant. There is a perfect cutout for each button, and for the earpiece and nbso online casino reviews the mic area. The Thermoplastic Polyurethane material which is used to make the case, is very much resistant to oil, dirt and scratches.

The color options in which the case is available, includes Black, White, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Lime, Hot Pink and Pink. The TPU material on the corners is quite durable and can bear the fall and absorbs the shock. The case is priced at $6.99 on Amazon, whereas the original price is $20.


i-Blason Prime Series Dual Layer Holster Case Kick Stand S4i-Blason Prime Series Dual Layer Holster Case Kick Stand

The Dual Layer Holster Case with Kick Stand for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very armored and strong case which can resist falls from a height of few meters, and it has two enclosures – the inner one being a hard shell polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve. There”s a double thick silicone on the corners for resisting the falls. The case includes 2 pieces – a hard back case that slides into a locking belt clip swivel holster.

It does make the device quite thicker but delivers what it is made for. The case is available for $13.99, and in several colors – Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow which are all the inner enclosure colors below the black swivel.


Yousave Galaxy S4 Wallet CoverYousave Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Black PU Leather Wallet Cover

The wallet case for the Galaxy S4 from Yousave looks very elegant and provides more than just the flip casing around the device. Along with the case, there”s also a screen protector and a microfiber cleaning cloth provided by the company, and the tough Polyurethane leather cover gives a good protection to the device.

There are perfect cut-outs for the various buttons and the camera. The wallet part is the flip cover which can hold a few cards and currency bills which can come handy for those who never forget to take their smartphone along, and don”t care much about a wallet. The wallet cover is available for $9.48 on Amazon.


OtterBox Commuter Case for Galaxy S4OtterBox 77-27779 Commuter Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

The OtterBox case for the Galaxy S4 is a pretty sturdy one with two layers – inner slipcover and a polycarbonate outer layer. The case provides complete functionality with all the open slots for the connectivity ports, speaker, earpiece, cameras and the flash. The ports are not always open, because the port plugs provide a protection from the dust and debris.

Available for $27.67 on Amazon, this OtterBox case for the S4 is available in several colors like Black, White, Marine and Wild Orchid. Along with the case, a self-adhesive screen protector is also included. There”s a warranty of 1 year also available.


A few other good cases for the Galaxy S4 include:

  • AceAbove Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Protective – This comes with a back stand for the landscape mode, and the flip cover on the front comes with the automatic sleep / wake function. It is available for $14.99 on Amazon – Check here.
  • Superleggera PRO Dual Layer Protection case from Acase – This is a polycarbonate cover with a specialized japanese paint, and it comes in 6 different colors, and is rigid enough for the protection. It”s priced at $15.95 on Amazon –  Check here.

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