How to change desktop background in Mac OS X

Changing the desktop background in Mac OS X is a bit difficult process if you are trying to set a new image as background, and its located somewhere deep in the folder in hard drive. Here is how you can set your desktop background –

Either right-click when you are on the desktop home screen, or else go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver
desktop right click options

change desktop background

You get to see the folders in the left from where your current background is, and you can import images to the list by clicking on the + option in the left bottom. It will open a new window to search for the folder, and select the picture you want to add as desktop background.

add new folder desktop background

Once you have selected the image, all the other images and the folder gets listed in the left section, and you get to choose from any other picture of the same folder, in the right section.

new folder import background

Apart from just selecting a static desktop background picture, mac also gives an option to rotate the background images for fixed time periods like 5 seconds, every minute, every 5 minutes etc. time intervals. And the pictures are rotated within the same pictures folder which you have selected.

change desktop options

Its a very basic tutorial for those who are new to mac, and don’t want to risk much trying out things directly in the system preferences. The option to change the Screen Saver is also in the same panel, and things are similar with those of the desktop background change.


  1. justin broadbent says:

    In spite of the title, there is no information on how to REMOVE pictures from desktop to all pictures for OS X

  2. Gamini Shantha says:

    Can you send to me this thing very interesting

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